What You Should Know About the Sientra Platinum20™ Warranty Program

July 6, 2018
What You Should Know About the Sientra Platinum20™ Warranty Program

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation or have already begun your recovery, you should know that most breast implants come with a warranty. You should also know what sets the Sientra Platinum20 warranty program apart from others. This is because implants are not lifetime devices, and most likely you’ll need them replaced at some point— but if you’ve chosen Sientra’s Platinum20 implants, you won’t need to worry. Here are the basics of Sientra’s warranty program for their best-in-class Platinum20 implants.

Covered for life

Although breast implant technology has come a long way, ruptures can still happen and can be harmful if they’re not taken care of. That’s why Sientra offers free implant replacement in the event of a rupture over the course of your life with implants. This even includes replacement for both sides so that you don’t have to worry about the other one.

Covered for up to 20 years

In case of a rupture within 20 years of your procedure, you’re entitled to up to $5,000 for any uncovered fees associated with rupture and replacement. You’re also entitled to free implant replacement in the event of capsular contracture at Baker Grades III-IV, late-forming seroma (blood plasma buildup), or double capsule (fluid buildup between the implant and tissues).

Covered for up to 2 years

Similar to the above, you’re covered for up to two years for $2,000 for any extra fees due to high-grade capsular contracture, late-forming seroma, and double capsule.

Along with all this, you’ll have a choice of any style and size Sientra OPUS High-Strength cohesive gel implant during your revision, which is also covered under Sientra’s Platinum20 Warranty Program. To get the best out of your implants, you should be sure to have them checked regularly for any signs of ruptures or wears.

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