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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Your nose is a central part of your appearance, and it is common to feel dissatisfied with its shape or size. For some, injury can result in a crooked nose and even cause breathing problems. If you are wanting to improve the look or function of your nose, our expert surgeons can perform a rhinoplasty procedure tailored to your specific needs.


What is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that can enhance or correct the size, shape, projection, and function of your nose. At Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, nose surgery has helped thousands of patients achieve a more symmetrical, balanced, and proportionate nose.

This procedure is highly customizable and addresses your unique concerns. No matter what it is about your nose that bothers you, our surgeons will work with you to reach your desired surgical outcome. If you don’t know what new nose shape will best suit your facial features, our expert surgeons will give their professional recommendations and help you decide on a surgical plan.

During your rhinoplasty consultation, your surgeon will carefully examine your nose and discuss your cosmetic goals with you. Depending on your goals and preferences, there are several types of rhinoplasty that your surgeon can perform. 

Primary rhinoplasty is a term to describe the first surgery that a patient undergoes on their nose (first-time nose job), as opposed to a secondary or revision procedure. It is sometimes combined with chin augmentation to create a better balance of facial features.

One of the most technically challenging procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery is revision rhinoplasty. This procedure should not be left in the hands of a plastic surgeon with little experience in revision nose surgery. Revision rhinoplasty can address complications or issues not corrected to the patient’s liking during their first surgery.

Ethnic rhinoplasty can benefit patients of color who wish to fix aesthetic issues with or without maintaining their natural, cultural appearance. Ethnic rhinoplasty is commonly performed on Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Eastern European patients. Skin thickness plays a major role with certain ethnic noses and can impact the amount of visible improvement we can achieve. 

Becoming increasingly popular today is the non-surgical nose job (NSNJ). With the use of dermal filler injections, improvements can be made to the overall shape of the nose and the nose tip. The results of a non-surgical nose job are more subtle than a surgical nose job. No downtime is required with this procedure. To learn more about your non-surgical options, please contact our Newport Beach MedSpa team at BioSpa

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty vs. Functional Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Cosmetic nose surgery is designed to improve the appearance and proportion of your nose. While the natural shape of your nose is mostly determined by your genes, its size and appearance may have been altered in an injury or during a previous surgery. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can correct the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Dorsal Hump: This is the most common reason for nose surgery. A dorsal hump refers to the bump or prominence of the bridge of the nose. While the front view may not be bothersome, patients may be unhappy with their profile appearance. Correcting a dorsal hump may seem easy, but it actually requires a great deal of technical skill.
  • Long Nose: In many cases, the nose may appear longer due to the presence of a dorsal hump or a droopy tip. In either case, your surgeon will examine your nose to determine the root cause of your long nose and what should be done to fix it. The goal is usually to reduce or flatten the bridge, and it may require elevating the tip. With long nose correction, it is important to not overcorrect. Choosing a board-certified specialist with many years of experience will help ensure you receive the best results. 
  • Wide Nose: A nose that appears too wide can be due to the dorsal bridge, dorsal base, nostril flare, or tip. Sometimes it is a combination of factors that contributes to a wide nose. As with every nose surgery, each requires a different approach. It is important to note that the structure of the nose can limit the amount of narrowing that our surgeons can perform. This will be discussed in detail during your consultation so that you know what to expect. 
  • Droopy Tip: A droopy tip is often caused by a long septum or long cartilage. Either one of these issues essentially pushes on the tip causing it to hang downward. Patients often complain that smiling makes it look worse. As a result, they may avoid taking pictures or smiling in pictures. The first step in these cases is to determine what is causing the tip to droop and then treat the underlying cause(s).
  • Other: Our experienced surgeons at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery can also perform rhinoplasty surgery to correct crooked, pointy, or flat noses. During your consultation, your nose will be evaluated and you will receive a recommended treatment plan that is customized to your unique concerns. 

Functional Nose Surgery

Functional nose surgery helps correct non-cosmetic internal issues that impact the function of the nose. It may improve breathing, headaches, facial pain, snoring, postnasal drip, and more. Functional rhinoplasty can correct the following:

  • Deviated Septum: Frequently, the nasal septum (the cartilage separating the right and left nasal passages) is deviated and needs correction. A crooked nose can also contribute to septum issues. The procedure performed to correct this issue is called septoplasty.
  • Enlarged Turbinates: Turbinates are structures in the nose that help to add moisture and filter air. When enlarged, they can contribute to airway blockage. We can remove them during nasal surgery.
  • Airway/Valve Collapse: Narrowed passages and airway “collapse” can require cartilage grafts (also called spreader grafts) for structural support. On rare occasions, we will need to correct scar tissue within the nose caused by previous injury or surgery that may block airflow. 

During your consultation, your surgeon will listen to your concerns and develop a surgical plan to ensure optimal results. Additionally, our team can go over your financing options to help make your rhinoplasty procedure as accessible, affordable, and stress-free as possible. :

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Learn More About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that our world-class surgeons perform at our accredited surgery center. At Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, our board-certified surgeons typically perform nose jobs using general anesthesia but sometimes use local anesthetic and IV sedation instead.

During your rhinoplasty, your board-certified surgeon will make hidden incisions within your nostrils. In some cases, they will place a small “nick” in the skin at the upper nose near the corner of the eye. 

More complex nose surgeries often require an incision at the base of the nose called the columella. This procedure is called “open rhinoplasty” because it allows your surgeon to elevate the nasal skin to directly view the interior of the nose and make necessary corrections. It is a preferred technique because it greatly increases the surgeon’s ability to achieve the best possible result and avoid the need for revision surgery. The scar heals very well, and it becomes nearly invisible over time. 

Wide noses may require narrowing the base using small incisions (Weir incisions) in the groove where the nostril meets the cheek. This technique allows surgeons to position the base closer together. 

More complex nose corrections may require grafts. With this rhinoplasty technique, plastic surgeons often use cartilage and bone grafts within the nose (septum). Cartilage from the ear, rib, hip, or outer portion of the skull are other possible grafts. Synthetic nasal implants may be used to build up portions of the nose as well. 

After your rhinoplasty, your recovery will vary depending on the techniques used and your individual healing process. Typically, you can return to your regular routine in about two weeks.

During this time, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort, which your surgeon can help you manage with pain relievers. Your nose will be packed and bandaged for a few days to support its new structure. You should avoid strenuous activity and intense exercise for about six weeks as you heal. Follow your surgeon’s instructions closely during recovery, and wait until they clear you before exercising.

Your rhinoplasty procedure at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will be designed to achieve your specific goals, whatever those may be. Generally, the results of your rhinoplasty should become apparent as swelling and bruising subside. You can see your semifinal results in around three months. Your final results are visible around 12 to 14 months after surgery. 

Healthy patients who wish to improve the appearance of their nose and/or internal functional issues may be suitable candidates for rhinoplasty. Other nose job candidates include patients who have experienced a traumatic injury to their nose (broken nose) or require revision surgery to correct a “botched” rhinoplasty. 

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty have realistic expectations about nose job procedures. Our rhinoplasty specialists at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery can help you determine if nose job surgery is right for you. 

Since rhinoplasty is a very individualized treatment, the cost will depend on your unique procedure and its complexity. It will be affected by what technique your surgeon uses and whether other procedures are performed in combination with your nose job. Cost is also influenced by your geographic location and your provider’s experience. Closed rhinoplasty typically costs $5,200 to $7,800 at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, while open rhinoplasty is $6,400 to $9,600. 

This is only an approximate estimate, however, and also does not include associated costs such as anesthesia and facility fees. For a more accurate estimate, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our Newport Beach surgeons.

Take the Next Step

As soon as you step into our Newport Beach office, our welcoming staff will carefully listen to your concerns and guide you through your treatment journey. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will be happy to discuss your cosmetic goals, review the pros and cons of the treatment you are considering, and create a personalized treatment plan that will deliver the best outcome for you. 

To learn more about rhinoplasty and the innovative treatments offered at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, contact our office by calling (949) 617-1168 or by filling out the consultation request form below.

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