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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation revision procedures are performed for a number of reasons, from dissatisfaction after breast augmentation with another surgeon to issues like leakage or rupture. Whatever your reason is for seeking a revision procedure, at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with the absolute best results tailored to your needs.


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  • Ashley, a bank officer, underwent breast revision surgery at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach.
  • She initially got silicone implants at 18 but lost volume and symmetry after having a son 12 years later.
  • Dr. Horowitz, the surgeon, provided extensive education on different implant options and reassured Ashley about safety and natural feel.
  • Ashley did thorough research, meeting with multiple doctors, but chose Dr. Horowitz due to his informative approach and the welcoming atmosphere of his staff.
  • Despite concerns about recovery time, Ashley was pleasantly surprised, experiencing minimal downtime (about two days) and no bruising, exceeding her expectations for the outcome.

What is Breast Augmentation Revision?

A breast augmentation revision is a second breast procedure to address concerns about the size or shape of your breasts. A revision procedure with one of our board-certified surgeons may involve removing the implants and refreshing your breasts with new ones. Patients often choose a different profile or implant size for their breast augmentation revision.

This treatment is similar to the initial breast augmentation surgery but often comes with more complexities. A breast augmentation revision addresses the following concerns or complications related to previous breast surgery:

Patients commonly undergo breast implant revision to change the size of their breasts. Some may desire a larger or smaller breast size if they are dissatisfied with the final results of their first breast enhancement surgery. Patients sometimes choose this procedure because they have changed their lifestyle over the years, which has affected their desired cup size and shape.

After a breast augmentation procedure, a capsule of tissue naturally forms around the breast implants during the healing process. Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue tightens and hardens around the breast implant, causing pain and breast distortion. A breast implant removal procedure can address this complication by removing the entire capsule and implant.

Bottoming out occurs when the implant appears to fall below the breast crease, sitting too low on the chest. Though uncommon, this complication can occur from poor implant placement, skin laxity, weight loss, or breastfeeding. During a breast revision, your plastic surgeon restores the natural breast crease and adjusts the implant into a more natural position.

Rippling looks like visible wrinkling of the implant that is noticeable through the skin. This effect occurs when there is not enough breast tissue covering the implant or when the implants are too large. With a breast implant revision, your surgeon places new implants to restore the appearance of the breasts.

Over time, aging, gravity, weight change, and other factors can cause breast implants to shift within the body, leading to an unnatural appearance. This often occurs with certain types of shaped implants. Surgery can reposition or remove the implants to improve the appearance of your chest.

A leak or rupture of the implants is an increasingly rare complication that occurs when there is trauma to the breast, aging of the implants, or other factors. Although there are ongoing improvements made to the structure of breast implants, they can still rupture. Patients with a ruptured implant often need a quick breast implant revision with the help of ultrasound technology to detect the structure of the implant.

To address ruptured breast concerns, plastic surgeons often use an en bloc (“all together”) technique to remove the broken implant and ensure no material leaks into the body. Once they remove the entire implant covered with the surrounding scar tissue capsule, they will place a new implant in the breast pockets to achieve a natural look.

Some implants, especially those that are smooth and shaped, may move within the breast pocket, causing a deformed appearance. Sometimes, the implants can shift too close together, causing a ‘uni-boob’ appearance. The displaced implants are repositioned with breast augmentation revision to restore their correct positioning.

After getting implants, some patients are dissatisfied with their breast size or position. They may feel they are too large or too small, or they may be unhappy with the placement or projection. With a breast implant revision, new implants are usually placed based on the patient’s desired outcome. Or, in some cases, the implants are removed completely.

Scar reduction is possible in many cases. Surgical scar revision, laser treatments, microneedling, injections, and lightening creams are some of the customizable options that can make your scars less noticeable. We offer surgical options at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery and non-surgical options at our MedSpa, the BioSpa.

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Learn More About Breast Augmentation Revision

Your breast augmentation revision will depend on your specific concerns. The revision removes any excess scar tissue and ruptured or wrinkled implants. Depending on your needs, breast augmentation revision can replace your current implants with new ones or remove them altogether.

If possible, your surgeon will make incisions in the existing scars to avoid creating new ones. They often place the new implants in the initial breast augmentation pockets. However, in some cases, it may be better to place the implants in a new location to achieve the best results. Fat transfer or a breast lift without implants are alternative options to achieve the results you are looking for. 

Your recovery after a revision procedure will be similar to the initial breast augmentation recovery. Breast augmentation recovery typically takes around four to six weeks.

You can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort for the first week or two. During this time, you should take it easy to heal properly. You will likely need to wear a surgical bra to assist with the healing process. You should avoid movements involving chest muscles, including lifting heavy objects, for several weeks. As with any surgical procedure, it is important to closely follow the instructions provided by your surgeon to help avoid complications.

Like most breast procedures, it takes several months for your results to develop fully. Many patients can start to see their results within the first three to four months. Final results are typically visible one year after surgery. Our breast augmentation revision patients are often some of our happiest patients of all! 

You can expect several benefits from breast augmentation revision, including smoother, more symmetrical breasts and a more natural-looking bust. The goal is for you to feel more satisfied with your breast size and shape and feel more comfortable in your body. Your clothes will also likely look and fit better on you. You can expect your new results to be long-lasting!  

If you have ruptured implants or are dissatisfied with the results of your first breast augmentation surgery, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation revision. The best candidates for a breast revision are in good overall health. 

The board-certified plastic surgeons at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach are experts in breast revision procedures. They can help you choose the right techniques for your cosmetic concerns and goals. When it comes to a surgical procedure like a breast implant removal or revision, we will be honest about the pros and cons of this treatment option. As board-certified surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. 

Your breast augmentation revision procedure will be unique to your specific needs, and the cost will depend on the surgical techniques used and how extensive the procedure is. Additionally, if you choose to get implants, the cost of the implants will factor into your surgical quote. Implant prices can vary depending on the type you choose. The cost of surgery also depends on your geographic location and your provider’s experience.

The average national cost of breast augmentation revision is $18,000-$25,000, not including facility fees, the cost of anesthesia, or the cost of implants. However, this number is only a rough estimate. During your consultation, we’ll help you determine a treatment plan to give you a more accurate quote.

Take the Next Step

As soon as you step into our Newport Beach office, our welcoming staff will carefully listen to your concerns and guide you through your treatment journey. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will be happy to discuss your cosmetic goals, review the pros and cons of the treatment you are considering, and create a personalized treatment plan that will deliver the best outcome for you. 

To learn more about breast augmentation revision and the innovative treatments offered at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, contact our office by calling (949) 617-1168 or by filling out the consultation request form below.

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