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Vaginal Rejuvenation

You may not realize how big of an impact your vaginal health has on your quality of life. Puberty, age-related changes, and childbirth can all affect or damage your intimate areas. Naturally, this can impact your comfort, satisfaction, and confidence.

Fortunately, vaginal rejuvenation procedures are designed to enhance both the health and appearance of your vaginal area. At Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, vaginal rejuvenation has helped hundreds of women achieve long-lasting results, discover freedom from embarrassment, and enjoy increased confidence.


What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to an array of procedures that can restore or improve your genital area. These procedures can address various concerns such as vaginal laxity, overly large or long labia, and excess skin and tissue in the pubic area.

At Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, our board-certified surgeons have decades of combined experience in women’s wellness procedures. They can use customizable surgical and non-surgical techniques to help you achieve your goals.

During your consultation, one of our expert surgeons will discuss your concerns, perform an examination, and review your medical history to help you determine the best treatment plan. They will carefully explain all the available procedures and be honest about the pros and cons of each. 

We want you to reach your goals with the best possible treatment, and we’re happy to discuss the various financing options we offer to make your vaginal rejuvenation procedure affordable.

Learn More About Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are both surgical and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options. Based on your individualized treatment plan, your expert provider at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will perform one or a combination of techniques. The surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation include:


Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can enhance the size, shape, and overall appearance of the outer areas of the vulva, including the labia majora and labia minora. The procedure is delicate and can be customized to suit the unique needs of each patient individually. Labiaplasty can help achieve a cleaner, neater appearance and reduce discomfort and pinching of the vaginal lips.


A vaginoplasty is a clinical term for a procedure that rejuvenates and tightens the inner walls and muscles of the vagina. Practically, that means a tighter, “stronger” clench and more sensation during sex for both you and your partner. Kegel exercises promise this, but sometimes the loss of vaginal muscle strength is too great for exercises to overcome by themselves.

While the most common reason for this is vaginal childbirth, the reality is that the normal process of aging can be enough to reduce vaginal tightness over time. By addressing the internal issues directly, vaginoplasty can improve both functionality and sensation in the area.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

During a clitoral hood reduction, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin or tissue from above the clitoris. This quick procedure can help enhance sensation and is relatively painless.

Doctors commonly perform a clitoral hood reduction alongside other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, especially if a patient has a naturally long or disproportionate overlying skin flap covering the clitoris.

Labia Majora Rejuvenation

Having an overly long or large labia majora can be uncomfortable. During a labia majora reduction, your surgeon removes excess skin or tissue. If you want to enhance the symmetry or contour of your labia majora, you can opt for a fat transfer to the area.

The procedure is performed similarly to a labiaplasty. Sometimes, surgeons can combine different approaches with a labia majora and labia minora treatment to achieve harmonious results.

Pubic Reduction

During this procedure, physicians use surgical techniques to reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the pubic area. At the same time, they can perform a lift to address any sagging skin or tissue.

A public reduction may help reduce the visibility of the pubic area through tight clothing. It can also help with emotional and physical discomfort. Women who regularly experience a bunching of fabric or the dreaded “camel toe” might find this procedure beneficial.

Pubic Puff

Women who have a deflated pubic area or labia may benefit from a pubic puff. This procedure uses fat grafting to enhance the volume and shape of the labia. Your surgeon will first use liposuction to remove fat from an unwanted area, such as the abdomen or thighs. After purifying the fat, they inject small amounts strategically into the pubic area for smooth, natural-looking volume.


The hymen is a small piece of flesh that is found at the opening of your vagina. A hymenoplasty can recreate the hymen and use the existing internal tissues to help create a youthful and natural-looking vaginal opening. This procedure is sometimes known as hymenorrhaphy or revirginization.

In many cases, this procedure is sought out by women who want to restore their hymen for cultural, religious, or aesthetic purposes. It is a fairly simple procedure, usually performed in under an hour. In some cases, a small piece of tissue will need to be grafted from another area of the vagina to use for the hymen restoration.

Pubis Lift

A pubis lift, also known as a monsplasty, can help trim and lift any loose, hanging skin or excess fat sitting on or above the pubic mound. Our board-certified surgeons may use different techniques, including liposuction, to help you achieve a slimmer, more youthful pubic contour.


For trans women or nonbinary people, a clitoroplasty can construct an artificial clitoris from the tissue in their current genital areas. For cis-gender patients, a clitoroplasty refers to a group of procedures that can change the size, shape, or appearance of the clitoris. In our Newport Beach office, patients often request a “hoodectomy” or clitoral hood reduction to expose more of the clitoris for greater stimulation.


The perineum is located between the anus and the vagina. Perineoplasty, also known as perineorrhaphy, can target and correct any deformities, imperfections, damages, or defects between the anus and vagina.

A perineoplasty can remove scar tissue, unsightly bulges, and unwanted skin and even tighten (or loosen) the perineal muscles and vagina. This is an especially beneficial treatment for women who have experienced childbirth or tearing of any kind.

In addition to enhancing the overall appearance of your intimate areas, perineoplasty can address issues like vaginal itching, laxity, painful intercourse, and even genital warts. 

Laser Resurfacing

Laser treatments in the vaginal area can be a beneficial addition to surgical procedures to improve skin quality and tighten the tissues. Laser resurfacing heats up the dermis, stimulating collagen production for firmer, healthier skin. It also resurfaces the top layer of skin, removing damaged old cells to make way for a smooth new layer.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

For those who aren’t ready for surgery or as a supplement to a surgical procedure, our premier Newport Beach MedSpa, the BioSpa, offers many non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Non-surgical treatments include Viveve and vFit, volume enhancement with injectables, the Bi-O! Shot™, at-home vaginal rejuvenation, and more.

After surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures, we recommend getting plenty of rest for several days while your body heals. You can expect some swelling and general discomfort for the first few days, which can be managed with pain relievers and an ice pack according to your surgeon’s instructions. You should take it easy for about a week, depending on the procedure performed.

We recommend you wear loose clothing and avoid putting pressure on the area. This includes sexual activity and strenuous exercise. You should avoid tampon use or intercourse for about six weeks following vaginal surgery and wait until your surgeon clears you before continuing as normal. Be sure to closely follow your surgeon’s recommendations, as each procedure comes with its own unique set of aftercare instructions. 

Once swelling and discomfort subside, you can enjoy the results of your vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Your results will depend on the techniques performed, but patients typically report feeling more confident and comfortable after their vaginal rejuvenation procedure. 

After a labiaplasty procedure, you may notice smaller, tighter, and neater-looking labia. As you heal from vaginoplasty, you should begin to notice a significant improvement in the tightness of your vaginal canal, as well as your outer labia, if you elect to have the area addressed in surgery as well. The results of your vaginal rejuvenation treatment at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery are usually long-lasting and age naturally with the rest of your body. 

Ideal candidates are healthy adults with realistic expectations. Vaginal rejuvenation can benefit women with the following vaginal-related concerns:

  • Long labia majora (outer lips) or labia minora (inner lips) that cause physical or emotional discomfort
  • Tugging of the labia minora during sexual activity or when wearing tight clothing
  • Changes to the vaginal structure with age or after childbirth
  • Sexual dissatisfaction due to loss of tone and tightness
  • Stress urinary incontinence (leakage)
  • Mild bladder prolapse
  • Tampons that fall out

We often recommend that women wait to undergo vaginal rejuvenation procedures until they are done having children. However, one of our expert surgeons can discuss your treatment options to determine which vaginal rejuvenation procedures are right for you and when is the best time to have your procedures done.

Since you have many different options for restoring your vaginal area, the cost of vaginal rejuvenation varies. It will also be influenced by factors such as your geographic location and your provider’s experience. The typical price range for vaginal rejuvenation procedures at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery is $1,400 to $6,360. These prices will also be influenced by the cost of anesthesia (local or general) and facility fees. Our average costs for each individual surgery are as follows.

Labiaplasty: $3,200-$6,120
Vaginoplasty: $4,240-$6,360
Pubis Lift: $1,920-$2,880
Hymenoplasty: $4,080-$6,120
Perineoplasty: $1,400-$2,100

These are only rough estimates. Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are customizable and are frequently combined for the best results. Your actual cost will be based on your unique procedure and its complexity. We encourage you to consult with your Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery provider to develop a specific treatment plan so you’ll know what to expect.

Take the Next Step

As soon as you step into our Newport Beach office, our welcoming staff will carefully listen to your concerns and guide you through your treatment journey. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will be happy to discuss your cosmetic goals, review the pros and cons of the treatment you are considering, and create a personalized treatment plan that will deliver the best outcome for you. 

To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and the innovative treatments offered at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, contact our office by calling (949) 617-1168 or by filling out the consultation request form below.

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