Walking for Your Brain

Go for a walk lately? Exercise makes people smarter, in an ongoing study by scientists around the world. The study was first conducted to see if exercise had positive benefits for older people, but researchers have found that it has profound benefits for people of all ages, mentally and physically. Kids who exercise have less problems with attention deficit disorders, and tend to learn faster. Schools that promote physical education show a correlation with academic performance as well. The California Department of Education conducted a recent study that illustrated this correlation. More than 350,000 fifth-grade students were involved in the study, some of them exercised regularly and some did not. Those that were more physically fit were found to be in the seventy-first percentile in subsequent SAT testings. The study expands to elder people as well. Those who exercise regularly are better at continuing mental tasks throughout the day, have boosted memory capacities and are able to concentrate better than those who are sedentary.