The Lowdown on Breast Implant Exchange

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Breast implant exchange removes and replaces breast implants. There are many reasons why a woman would consider a breast implant exchange. Some women with breast implants simply want to change their breast size. However, a breast implant exchange is most commonly done to avoid issues with aging implants.

While breast implants can last a long time, they cannot last forever. Sometimes, patients experience complications such as capsular contracture or a leak in their breast implant. When this occurs, a breast implant exchange is a must.

What to Expect

The breast implant exchange procedure will require different techniques depending on the cause of the revision.

Change of Implant Size

When implant size is being changed, the original incision will be used to avoid the creation of any more incisions. Smaller or larger implants can then be placed to meet the needs of the patient.

Capsular Contracture/ Leak

If a patient is experiencing complications with an implant, such as capsular contracture or a leak, the implants can be removed and replaced. If capsular contracture is present, any hardened capsule will be removed, and a new implant will be placed. If leaking has occurred, any leaked silicone will be removed (if silicone implants were used) and a new implant will be placed.

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