Day 11: More Energy!

May 13, 2009
Day 11: More Energy!

Pam Says:

“Still feeling a little tight and a warm sensation from the tightness. I’m drinking lots of water. Still have the staples in from the temple lift, but I don’t even feel them. (He even gave me blond staples to match my hair!) My ears are still feeling a little tender to the touch. All of the bruising and swelling is completely gone! I feel like I have more energy and have completely resumed normal activities.”

“It hasn’t been two weeks, so I still sleep on an incline. Ill start wearing some light makeup over the weekend and I’m back to church on Sunday!”

“Everyone is telling me how great I look and my son in law tells me I resemble pictures from when I was thirty- and especially my jaw line looks chiseled. I feel like I LOOK as if I have more energy and look much lighter in the face.” “If anyone is feeling tired when they look in the mirror, this is totoally a must! It rejuvenates and refreshes you!”