Day 1: 24 hours after the LiteLift®

May 13, 2009
Day 1: 24 hours after the Lite Lift

Pam says:

“Feeling much better today. Yesterday I felt “foggy” from all the meds. I had a headache this morning about 10:30 but then realized it was probably lack of caffeine so I got up and had a cup of tea and half banana. The headache went away pretty quickly. I knew that my face would feel tight but didn’t realize that I would have to mash up the banana because I couldn’t open my mouth fully.”

“As far as my face, it feel tighter. Feel pressure in my head but not pain. Still have all the bandages on until tomorrow afternoon’s appointment. Where I feel it the most, is around the ears. Feels like the ears are sore but not really painful. Can feel something in the hairline (that is the temple lift).”

“Thanks to Sandy (our nurse) for holding my hand during surgery. And thanks to Dr. Horowitz for his wonderful work!!”

Meds: Took 1 Norco at 3:30 AM and then 1 at 10:30 AM. No stomach ache from Norco.

Notes from Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery:

Pam had not only the LiteLift® in our office but also a temple lift, lower blepharoplasty (lower eyes) and liposuction to the neck. So she will have a few more days of swelling and bruising around her eyes than if she has a simple LiteLift®. The surgery was about 3 hours in the office, performed Monday May 4th.