Six simple ways to stay healthy at work

August 13, 2012

Aug 1st, marked the official Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. But before you run out with your co-workers for lunch, here are some tips to stay healthy while at the workplace.

Berman and his team of Psychologists at the University of Michigan discovered that those who went on a 50 minute walk during lunch improved the memory spans of their focus group participants by 20 percent. Here are some other simple tips his team came up with to promote a healthy workplace.

  1. Be conscious of fatigue. When you feel tired, take a break away from your desk. Get up and go for a quiet stroll instead of trying to break that level of Solitaire or Sudoku on your phone.
  2. Keep your work close, keep your nature closer. Post pictures of your favorite landscapes in your office, try to keep a plant nearby and try to keep windows clear. A bit of nature inside the office can lead to greater productivity.
  3. Take some time to surf the web, then close it down. In a study with 96 students, those who were broken into a ‘rest-break’ control group were allowed to use the internet for 10 minutes of leisure. They were found to be more productive and efficient than their peers who we not given the same break. Scientists believe that the break decreases mental exhaustion and boredom and refreshes the students for their next tasks. Think of it as your coffee break.
  4. Get up and moving. If you are sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, it is recommended that you get up every hour and stretch out. Deliver that message to someone in person instead of sending an email. Consider eating lunch at your desk, then getting out for a walk or a run during your lunch hour.
  5. If it is hard to leave for lunch, bring fruits to munch on. Bags of chips and goodies can lead to mindless munching. A refreshing apple in a mid-afternoon slump can turn the energy light back on.
  6. Hydration is the key. Stay hydrated throughout the day, if you feel like you are getting thirsty, you are getting dehydrated. Make it a point to get up and visit the water cooler for a break.

Ways to Stay Healthy at Work