Keeping Your Edge – Why More Men Are Turning to Cosmetic Procedures

June 9, 2019


The number of men looking to gain or keep their competitive age in the workplace and in society who are turning to the help of plastic surgeons continues to grow year after year. In fact, some reports show at least a 20% increase.

The request for an aesthetic pick-me-up comes from men in a variety of situations. It may be the aging male who looks around the office and realizes he is surrounded by younger counterparts who are climbing the corporate ladder or the guy who notices some of his colleagues look older than they are starting to have issues. There are men who are surrounded by women who have had cosmetic procedures and they see how great they look they want to keep up. Then there are the guys who have fallen victim to the pressures of one’s social media appearance.

Whether we like it or not, society does tend to look at external appearance and make judgments. In certain professions, looking younger or more attractive may equate to being more successful. This can also be said in one’s personal life as well.

The rise in cosmetic procedures for men

The numbers speak for themselves and there is no denying more and more men are getting cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a 20 percent increase since 2010. This growth is a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments. While the data doesn’t explain why men are seeking out treatments, Dr. Horowtiz and Dr. Nichter say the vast majority of their patients tell them its ageism.

“We hear the same thing repeatedly. When are male patients are surrounded by more and more 25-35-year-olds, they don’t want to look like they’ve aged out of the workplace,” said Dr. Horowtiz.

We are in a youth-obsessed culture right now where so much is focused on the millennial market. Older men are trying to stay competitive with the younger guys and the millennials are competing with one another.

As a result of the previous recession, many men are now faced with retiring later. This pressure has caused men to consider the implications of looking old and has influenced them to take steps to maintain a youthful appearance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 6% increase from 2000 to 2016 in the number of people 65+ who are still employed.

“It is crucial to understand you need to be seen as current in the workplace. This applies to both men and women. Not having this mindset is naïve,” claims Dr. Nichter.

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Women have long faced being judged by their appearance in the workplace. Men are now becoming more concerned with this problem as well. Of no surprise, women still hold the market share of plastic surgeries performed. Men are still less comfortable than women with procedures such as facelifts because of their hair patterns and potential that others will notice, but with newer techniques and less invasive options, this is starting to become less of an issue.

“Our patient base is becoming younger and younger,” Dr. Nichter commented. “We used to have a large demographic of men over the age of 50 wanting facial rejuvenation procedures such as our natural, short scar LiteLift®, but now, we are seeing more and more guys come in for chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, ear pinning, Vaser liposuction, and male breast reduction. At our BioSpa medical spa, men are requesting non-invasive services such as Botox, Filler, Microneedling, Hair Restoration, and Body Contouring.

No longer taboo

Let’s face it, not many people feel comfortable looking older than they are. Finally, men are coming around and realizing it is no longer considered taboo to take care of themselves. Men are starting to see it as part of their routine, just like going to the gym or eating healthy.

It might be hard to believe, but many men have traditionally gone straight to having a cosmetic surgical procedure vs. looking into non-invasive treatment options. For some, it is because they let themselves go to the point that surgery was the only viable option. For others, there was a stigma that non-invasive treatments such as Botox, Filler, and facials were just too feminine to have done. In a way, its similar to the perception of getting a manicure or pedicure. There are still far more women than men who get their nails done, but nowadays it’s not such a surprise to see men in a nail salon. Across the board with beauty treatments, men are finally accepting that they can benefit from taking care of themselves much in the same way women have been for decades.

As their minds have opened up to the idea, men have begun investigating their options both surgical and non-surgical. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Horowitz explains the number one concern his male patients have is looking like they had work done. While women may feel similarly, men are far more concerned about this possible risk. Not only do they want natural results which maintain their masculine appearance, but the vast majority also want to limit the amount of downtime needed so they can get back to work quickly. Together, both Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz have developed surgical techniques aimed at doing just that. They are widely known for their limited incision facial procedures and expertise with Vaser liposuction for body contouring. When searching for a plastic surgeon, Dr. Horowitz advises men to seek out a plastic surgeon who is not only board-certified in plastic surgery but also has experience treating men.

“I had the LiteLift® to help my jawline and neck. It took off a good 7 or so years from my appearance. I work in an industry with a lot of 30-year-olds. I’m in my 50’s and I can’t afford to look like a dinosaur. That’s why I keep up my appearance, so I have a youthful look. My recovery was pretty quick and easy and you can’t even see my scars.” – Jerry T.

The BioSpa has always seen a steady flow of men for the miraDry® sweat & odor elimination treatment and PRP hair restoration, but they are now seeing an upswing in the number of guys coming in for Botox, filler, laser hair removal, facials, and UltraShape fat removal. Dr. Nichter said BioSpa is also seeing a wider range in age. No longer is it the “older” clientele but they are now seeing more men in their 20’s and 30’s. The message that preventative care is important to age gracefully is finally getting through.

Wow! Not only am I thrilled with my results, I also must say that this experience was so much easier than I thought it would be! From the virtual consultation, to the virtual appointments that I had after my surgery… they made it so easy to check in with my doctor. I don’t live in Newport, but it didn’t matter. I was still able to get the surgery that I wanted there! 10/10 would recommend!!

Autumn M.

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