Doctor’s Thoughts on Chin Augmentation

At our plastic surgery center in Newport Beach, we strive to understand your unique concerns and goals to find the right treatment plan for you. When it comes to a surgical procedure like a chin augmentation, we will be honest about the pros and cons of this treatment option. At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Orange County chin augmentation has helped hundreds of patients achieve long-lasting results for improved chin projection, profile appearance, and jawline they can feel confident with. As board-certified surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. To get started on your procedure or to learn more about your options, contact our office and request a consultation.

What is a Chin Augmentation?

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, chin augmentation permanently enhances the appearance of the chin, adding definition and providing more projection to the area. A chin augmentation typically involves using a silicone implant with your choice of shape and size based on your goals. The goal of chin augmentation is to achieve facial symmetry and balance. Sometimes this means creating a wider or stronger chin and jawline. Chin augmentation can help you achieve greater facial structure and profile for your appearance.

Who can Benefit from a Chin Augmentation?

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best chin augmentation Orange County has to offer. If you’re unhappy with the current projection of your chin, causing feelings of self-consciousness. With a chin augmentation, our patients improve the following areas of concern:

  •         A recessed chin
  •         A “weak chin” or a chin that does not project as far as the lower lip
  •         An underdeveloped chin
  •         An imbalance of facial features
  •         Jowls that hide the chin and jawline

With a properly proportioned chin implant, we can achieve facial balance and harmony, help boost your confidence and help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

More about the implants

Chin implants are made of a soft, pliable material that can be shaped and sized to fit your goals and expectations. They are constructed from a biocompatible material such as silicone. Once inserted, chin implants feel very much like your natural chin bone. When performed by an experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon, chin augmentation is safe and produces attractive and long-lasting results. Visible scarring is minimized in chin augmentation surgery because incisions are made either under your chin or inside your mouth.

Are you a good candidate for chin augmentation?

Ideal candidates for chin augmentation are patients who have facial features that are fully developed and are unsatisfied with the appearance of their chin and facial profile.
Chin augmentation is often not recommended for patients with lip protrusion or periodontal disease. During a consultation, our expert team will help determine if chin augmentation is the right procedure for you. Non-surgical options for chin augmentation are available as well and can be discussed when you meet with our team.

Risks of chin augmentation

Like any surgery, chin augmentation may come with some risks. We will be sure you are aware of any risks and answer questions you may have during your consultation and pre-op appointment. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have been performing chin augmentation for decades and will do everything possible to minimize any risks. As with any surgery, it’s important to closely follow the instructions provided by your doctor to ensure you heal properly and achieve the best results.

Selecting a doctor

Partnering with the right surgeon is the most critical factor in determining the safety and optimizing the benefits of your chin augmentation. Insist on meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who combines technical expertise with an astute eye for facial aesthetics.

Best-in-class surgeons such as those at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach take a holistic approach to chin augmentation to establish proportional balance in facial features. Chin augmentation can be performed alone but is often combined with other procedures like a rhinoplasty to enhance overall facial appearance. As another example, you might choose to combine a neck lift with your procedure to improve excess skin and jowls that hide the jawline. You can discuss other procedures you may benefit from along with your goals and expectations during your consultation.

Preparing for your chin augmentation

Before scheduling your procedure, your doctor will carefully review your medical history and take detailed photographs of your chin and face. If you smoke, you will likely need to stop smoking for a specified period of time before and after your surgery. You should also suspend the use of any supplements or medications (such as aspirin) that could elevate surgical bleeding. These specifics will be thoroughly covered by our surgical team. Additionally, you will receive instructions as to when you should stop eating and drinking before your procedure.

How is the Chin Augmentation Performed?

A chin augmentation can be performed under local or general anesthesia for your comfort. An incision will then be placed either inside of the mouth where it is completely concealed or under the chin for minimal scarring. The implant size and shape you selected during your consultation will then be placed over the bony structure of the chin, creating more projection. The chin implant is secured by the surrounding tissue so there will be no movement. The surgical process typically takes under an hour to complete.

After implantation, your surgeon will use small sutures to close your incisions. If your incision is inside your mouth, no scarring will be visible. If your incision was made under your chin, any scar is typically imperceptible.

Recovery After a Chin Augmentation

At the end of your surgery, your doctor may apply a chin strap dressing to further hold your implant in its proper position. The dressing is typically removed in one to three days.

Recovery after a chin augmentation can take about a week. During this week, you can expect some swelling and soreness. Pain medication can help with discomfort during the first few days. Speech may be affected for the first few days, but this is normal due to swelling after surgery. Chewing may be limited following surgery, so you may need to follow a soft food and liquid diet for a few days as well. Our trusted specialists will provide you with specific instructions and cover any restrictions during your consultation and pre-op appointment.

Chin Augmentation Results

Lingering swelling following your surgery can distort your chin augmentation results; however, as side effects diminish, you can enjoy improved projection for a more defined chin and jawline. Patients report feeling more comfortable with their appearance, especially from a profile view.

The result of chin augmentation with an implant is permanent so that you can enjoy a long-lasting enhancement with just one procedure. While the natural aging process will impact your appearance over time in other ways, your improved chin contour will not change.

Chin Augmentation Costs

The cost of your chin augmentation will vary according to the type and extent of the surgical work performed. If combined with other procedures, that will affect the cost as well. A quote will be provided during your consultation and financing options can be discussed at that time.

Your Consultation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

A well-defined chin is often the cornerstone of a balanced and attractive face. When performed by an experienced, highly trained, and board-certified surgeon, a chin augmentation can significantly improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

To learn more about your chin augmentation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, contact our office and schedule your consultation. Our doctors are experts at facial procedures, like chin augmentations, and can meet with you to discuss your treatment options.