Sientra® Breast Implants

Sientra® Breast Implants

Sientra® breast implants are FDA-approved for use in breast procedures with augmentation. They are highly cohesive and therefore hold their shape well.  Because they are made with a strong cohesive silicone gel, their inner gel will not leak out, making them safer than traditional silicone implants.

About Sientra® Implants

There are three types of breast implants used by plastic surgeons today: saline, Structured Saline Implants (IDEAL implants®) and form-stable silicone implants.  Form-stable implants, also called gummy bear implants, are implants that are filled with a silicone gel, yet are found to be stronger, and remain remarkably soft to the touch.  The Sientra® Implants are a type of form-stable implant. During consultation, the plastic surgeons at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will discuss why they recommend one implant over another to achieve a patient’s desired result

Sientra® implants come in two shapes: round and shaped. The Sientra® round implants are the only round implants made with HSC and HSC+ Silicone gel for a natural look and feel. They also offer a fuller, more dramatic appearance in the upper portion of the chest. The Sientra® shaped implants are designed to mimic the natural look and feel of the breast and comes in a textured surface designed to maintain the position of the implant in your body. These styles can help to meet the aesthetic goals of each individual patient.

Sientra® implants boast the following benefits:

  • Feel Natural
  • Will not leak, even during a rupture
  • May prevent capsular contracture, wrinkling, and rippling
  • Are shaped to create a natural look

Sientra® Implant Results

Sientra® Platinum20 Warranty

Pacific Center Plastic Surgery is proud to support the Sientra Platinum20 Warranty Program to ensure women get the best, long-term use out of their Sientra Implants. This includes lifetime coverage of implant rupture and replacement, as well as up to 20 years of coverage for replacement in the event of high-grade capsular contracture. This is the most comprehensive and least-restrictive warranty program in the industry, meaning you get the absolute best coverage for the absolute best results. Ask Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery about this program during the consultation to learn more.

Sientra® Implant FAQs

How might Sientra® Implants prevent capsular contracture?

Sientra’s textured implants help to prevent complication because they prevent rotation of the implant, which can lead to many issues. They also allow implants to be placed over the muscle, which helps to avoid issues seen with sub-muscular breast implants

What would happen if a Sientra® Implant were to rupture?

Because Sientra implants are form-stable implants, their silicone filling is much thicker than that of a traditional silicone implant. That means that the filling would stay in place, so you would not have to worry about the filling leaking out. However, because the breast will not deflate during a rupture, this can make it difficult to detect. This is why the FDA recommends women get an MRI  at 3 years then every 2 years to help detect any possible ruptures.

What are the main advantages of Sientra® Implants?

Sientra implants hold their shape better than traditional implants, giving women better peace of mind  that the silcone gel will stay in place and not migrate.  Plus, because they come in a variety of shapes and textures, there is a breast implant choice right for each individual.


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