Doctor’s Thoughts on Breast Reduction

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we strive to understand your unique concerns and goals to find the right treatment plan for you. When it comes to a surgical procedure like a breast reduction Newport Beach based Pacific Center Plastic Surgery will be honest about the pros and cons of this treatment option. For many, the significant results of a breast reduction can offer life-changing physical reliefs and improved confidence. We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve long-lasting results from their breast augmentation to help patients achieve smaller, more comfortable breasts.  As board-certified surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. To get started on your procedure or to learn more about your options, contact our office and schedule your consultation.

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What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure used to address overly large breasts. Living with large breasts can cause a lot of physical as well as emotional discomforts. With a breast reduction, patients can find relief and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery we strive to deliver Newport Beach breast reduction patients the best experience possible. Our board certified plastic surgeons are experts in breast reduction.

Who can Benefit from a Breast Reduction?

Women of any age can benefit from a breast reduction if they are bothered by overly large breasts. Breast reduction can address the following concerns:

  •         Back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the weight of breasts
  •         Poor posture due to the weight of the breasts on the chest
  •         Indentations in the shoulders from bra straps
  •         Irritation under the breasts
  •         Discomfort during physical activity
  •         Difficulty finding bras and clothes that fit
  •         Self-consciousness due to breast size

Breast reduction has one of the highest patient-satisfaction rates and can be a life-changing procedure for many. Along with improving the above concerns caused by naturally large breasts, a breast reduction may also benefit you if you experienced breast enlargement after pregnancy and breastfeeding. To be a successful candidate for breast reduction, you must be prepared for surgery and some downtime.

How is a Breast Reduction Performed?

Breast reduction will be performed under local or general anesthesia for your comfort. An incision will then be made around the areola, down towards the breast crease, and/or under the breast crease. The incision pattern required will depend on the amount of tissue being removed. Excess tissue can be surgically removed, while liposuction techniques can be performed to reduce pockets of fat in the area. After breast reduction is performed, breast lift techniques are almost always used to address stretched tissue and sagging. The nipples are also repositioned to fit with your newly shaped breasts.

Recovery After Breast Reduction

After breast reduction, you will be instructed to wear a surgical bra or sports bra for several weeks to assist healing and support the new shape of the breast. A drain may also be placed under the skin to get rid of excess fluids. For most patients, work can be resumed after about a week. During this time, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort that can be managed with prescription pain medication and the use of an ice pack. You should avoid movements that involve the chest muscles while healing, as well as sleeping on the stomach. After two 2 weeks, exercise can be gradually resumed as long as you do not experience an increase in swelling or discomfort.

Breast Reduction Results

Many patients notice a difference in their breasts right after their breast reduction, however, the final results can be hidden by swelling for several weeks. Once the swelling has resolved, you can enjoy your newly sized breasts along with the relief of back, shoulder, and neck pain associated with large breasts. Patients report feeling more confident with their figure as well as improved comfort during physical activity. The results of a breast reduction are long-lasting and will age naturally with the rest of your body.

Your Consultation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

To learn more about your breast reduction at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, contact our office and schedule your consultation. At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery our doctors are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and are experts in the breast reduction procedure and can help you choose the right techniques for your concerns and goals.