Doctor’s Thoughts on Cellulite Reduction

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with the best cellulite reduction Newport Beach has to offer. That’s why we want to understand your unique concerns and goals to find the right treatment plan for you. When it comes to cellulite reduction, we offer several different techniques based on your unique concerns and goals. At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach cellulite reduction has helped hundreds of patients achieve long-lasting results from their cellulite reduction treatment for a smoother contour that they can feel confident with. As Newport Beach plastic surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. To get started on your procedure or to learn more about your options, contact our office and schedule your consultation. 

What is Cellulite Reduction?

Cellulite reduction involves technology like Cellfina to smooth out dimpling under the skin on areas like the buttocks and thighs. In some cases, a fat transfer may also be used to add volume where dimpling is present. Cellulite is a common concern, especially for women, and can be impossible to improve without the use of cosmetic treatments like Cellfina. Cellfina is minimally invasive and FDA approved to treat the appearance of cellulite. Cellfina uses a needle-like device to release the connective tissue causing cellulite, resulting in a smoother appearance.

Who can Benefit from a Cellulite Reduction?

While the exact cause of cellulite isn’t entirely known, we do know that it mainly affects women and is commonly present on the buttocks of thighs. Anyone that is unhappy with the appearance of cellulite can benefit from Cellfina to smooth its appearance and improve the contour. Cellfina is considered nonsurgical, but it is not completely noninvasive, so candidates must be prepared for some recovery after treatment.

How is Cellulite Reduction Performed?


Cellfina does not require general anesthesia, but local anesthesia will be used to numb the area and keep you comfortable. During treatment, the Cellfina device, a needle-like prong, will be inserted beneath the skin and used to release the connective bands within the fatty layer. Once released, the skin will have a much smoother appearance. Your treatment should only take about 45 minutes to complete.

Fat Transfer

For some, a fat transfer can be beneficial to smooth out the appearance of dimples on the buttocks or outer thighs. During a fat transfer, liposuction techniques are used to obtain fat cells, which are then placed over cellulite to create a smooth contour.

Recovery After Cellulite Reduction

There is minimal recovery required after treatment with Cellfina and you may even resume most activities that same day; however, it is recommended to take it easy for the first 24 hours. You can expect some mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness for the first several days, but over-the-counter pain medication can help ease any discomfort.

Cellulite Reduction Results

After your treatment with Cellfina cellulite reduction, you can expect to start seeing results in just three days. Optimal results are typically achieved after three months, with smoother contours and reduced cellulite. Results are long-lasting, but Cellfina cannot prevent future cellulite from developing, so a future treatment session may be needed.

Your Consultation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

To learn more about your cellulite reduction with Cellfina at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, contact our office and schedule your consultation. Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz can meet with you to discuss your concerns and determine if Cellfina is right for you.