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Jed Horowitz, M.D., F.A.C.S. shows compassion and concern when he communicates with patients. Since 1985 Dr. Horowitz has used his artistic surgical skills to perform thousands of cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Horowitz is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of numerous prestigious medical societies. He has been recognized by many publications including “The Best Doctors in America” and “Top Surgeons”.

In recent years he has focused on the development of the Lite Lift®, a modified facelift that can be performed in the office with local anesthetics using shorter incision with quicker healing. He has performed hundreds of these modern simpler facelifts with amazing results. Dr. Horowitz has also been at the forefront of Breast Surgery using limited incision methods for Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Breast Reduction. Newer innovations include the use of Sientra Shaped silicone implants for Breast Enhancement, Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, (No Breast Scar Augmentation), and Fat Graft Breast Augmentation.

Dr. Horowitz is a board member of the Plasticos Foundation; he travels abroad to developing countries to perform re-constructive surgery on children while also training the local surgeons in modern reconstructive surgical techniques. Visit the PlasticosFoundation.org website for more information.

RealSelf Top 100 Award 2014

Dr. Horowitz has been selected as an outstanding physician by both Best Doctors and Top Doctors.

Dr. Horowitz is dedicated to providing the best possible care while helping patients achieve their desired goals. His vast surgical knowledge and experience allow him to create beautiful, natural results.

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