What You Need to Know About Tummy Tucks

September 13, 2016
What You Need to Know About Tummy Tucks

Have you been spending countless hours working out and dieting trying to get rid of stubborn fat and loose skin around your mid section with no significant improvement? It’s actually not uncommon for these issues to persist no matter how strict you are with your diet and exercise regimen. If you have come to the realization you are fighting a losing battle, but still want to improve your body, a tummy tuck might just be your answer.

A tummy tuck (a.k.a. abdominoplasty) addresses excess fat and skin, as well as tightens the underlying abdominal muscles improving overall body shape and reducing inches.

There are multiple types of tummy tucks available:

Skin Tightening Tummy Tuck

This type of tummy tuck is strictly for the person who only has loose skin on the abdomen. The procedure does not remove fat or tighten the underlying muscles. It is skin tightening only. A horizontal incision is required, but the length of the incision varies depending on how far the loose skin extends towards the hips. Patients are usually thin and fit.

Mini Tummy Tuck

The mini tummy tuck is for slender people who have excess fat and skin on their lower abdomen. This type of tummy tuck flattens the small pooch on the lower abdomen just below the belly button and above the pubic area. A small horizontal incision is made in this area, which is small enough and low enough to be covered by bikini bottoms, underwear, and low waisted pants. The abdominal muscles are tightened, and excess skin is removed. Liposuction may also be used to remove fat.

Standard Tummy Tuck

A standard tummy tuck is one of the most common performed. It is for men and women who have weakened abdominal muscles, as well as excess skin and fat above and below the belly button. A horizontal incision between the hips and an incision around the belly button is needed. The belly button is re-positioned once the excess skin has been removed and the stomach has been tightened. The standard tummy tuck tightens stomach muscles and removes excess fat and skin.

Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is a more extensive version of the standard tummy tuck. For this procedure, a horizontal incision is made across the lower belly extending beyond the hips. This extended incision addresses excess fat and skin on the hips towards the back. Like the standard tummy tuck, the abdomen muscles are tightened, excess fat and skin is removed, and the belly button is re-positioned.

If you are suffering from excess fat and skin around your mid-section that won’t go away no matter what you do, contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out if a tummy tuck is right for you.