Get Rid of Excessive Sweating – $200 Off MiraDry®at the BioSpa in Orange County

July 13, 2015
Get Rid of Excessive Sweating - $200 Off MiraDry®at the BioSpa in Orange County

Are you one of the millions of men and women suffering with excessive underarm sweating, odor and stains? Why let your personal and business relationships suffer as a result of a problem you can fix? MiraDry® is a safe, proven, FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for getting rid of underarm sweat permanently. In some cases, only one treatment is necessary to achieve the full result.

The BioSpa medical spa in Newport Beach, CA, operated by two of the areas top plastic surgeons, has been successfully treating patients with MiraDry®. Not only have their patients had the treatment, but even staff suffering with excessive sweat have had the MiraDry® treatment. Patients are not only sweat free, odor free and stain free, but are also reporting they are experiencing less underarm hair.

MiraDry® is performed in-office using a local anesthetic administered into the underarms. An electromagnetic energy is then transmitted just below the skin where the glands are located. The wand that is used cools the skin and allows the heat energy to transfer right where it’s needed knocking out the sweat and odor glands, and in some cases hair follicles as well! The procedure itself takes about an hour and can eliminate sweating in as little as just one treatment, although those who suffer from true hyperhydrosis, or severe sweating, may require a second treatment. Even so, there is no other treatment on the market as effective as MiraDry®.

“Botox is effective at reducing sweat, however it requires ongoing injections every six months or so and it requires a lot of needle pokes in a sensitive area, which some people just can’t handle. Then there is surgery, which is invasive requiring the nerve to be cut,” explains Dr. Horowitz.

For a limited time only (offer expires Sep.11, 2015) the BioSpa medical spa is offering $200 off one MiraDry® treatment. If ever there was a time to get rid of underarm sweat, odor and stains, this is it! You can live carefree and sweat free today!