Barbara’s Tip for the Day: Hair and Fashion on a Budget

March 13, 2012
Barbara's Tip for the Day: Hair and Fashion on a Budget

Fine thin hair

If you have fine, thin hair, do not use a brush as you blow dry this will create flat strands, first use your fingers to tousle at the root. with your head down ( bend over at the waist) . When root area is dry, then follow with brush still with head down. You are using your head as a giant roller to gain volume and fullness. After styling follow with a fine mist hair spray like Zero by Sebastion it has memory like qualities and brushes through.


I love, love, a bargain. Consignment stores are a great avenue to designer clothes at bargain prices. One of my favorites is Lilies & Lilacs in Rancho Santa Margarita. The shopper part of me would like to keep this secret, however I enjoy your compliments on my attire so I will share. Think of your clothing as an investment, a quality jacket or blazer over a bargain basic black sheath, slacks or jeans for that matter is well worth the price. Please feel free to share your favorite consignment store in your area with me!