What are Ideal Implants?

The Ideal Implant is a saline breast implant option designed for women who are not comfortable having silicone implants but desire a more natural feeling implant than traditional saline implants. The Ideal Implant has a unique structure that allows for a similar look and feel as silicone implants, but with the safety of saline implants. These implants have a simple, yet unique internal structure that consists of two saline-filled chambers and a series of implant shells of increasing size that are nested together. This unique internal structure is created to control the movement of the saline, giving the implant a more natural feel. The Ideal Implant has seen over 10 years of development, with input from numerous breast implant experts and top practicing plastic surgeons across the country.

What Are the Benefits of Ideal Implants?

The Ideal Implant is only created from safe and proven breast implant materials. It contains no silicone gel yet offers a natural feel and beautiful shape due to its unique structure. One thing that sets the Ideal Implant apart from other implants is that they are only sold to board-certified plastic surgeons. This fact really increases peace of mind and makes sure you are in qualified hands. The Ideal Implant also shows less chance of capsular contracture, wrinkling, and folding vs other saline implants, for longer-lasting results. Other advantages of the Ideal Implant include:

  •         Easy to remove
  •         Smaller incision
  •         Higher rupture strength
  •         Lower capsular contracture and rupture rate
  •         No MRI scans needed to detect ruptures
  •         No silent ruptures

Women who are not satisfied with silicone gel and traditional saline implants can often benefit from the Ideal Implant®. This implant provides the natural feel that many women desire, combined with the peace of mind that there is only silicone inside. If you are interested in learning more about the Ideal Implant for breast augmentation, contact Pacific Center Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation appointment.

Who is a Candidate for Ideal Implants?

To place Sientra breast implants, an incision is typically made within the breast crease for well-concealed scarring. The Sientra implant is then placed through the incision and into the breast pocket to create more volume and improve shape. This is performed using general anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

What Are the Results of Ideal Breast Implants?

After your breast augmentation with the Ideal breast implants, you can enjoy an enhancement to your breast volume, shape, and symmetry. The results of the Ideal Implant are natural-looking, mimicking the natural breast tissue. After the breast augmentation with Ideal Implants, patients can have the peace-of-mind that comes with choosing saline material, which can be safely absorbed by the body. Ideal Implants can last for up to 10 years or longer due to their unique structure and strength.

Who Offers the Ideal Implant?

During the early phases of the Ideal Implant, the company chose a handful of board-certified plastic surgeons to be FDA investigators. Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz had the honor of being chosen as two of the lead FDA investigators for the Ideal Implant. Through his experience with the Ideal Implant®, Dr. Nichter has shared many presentations across the country, as well as held the position of spokesperson for the Ideal Implant.

Patients can call Pacific Center Plastic Surgery or visit www.idealimplant.com to find board-certified plastic surgeons who offer ideal implants.