Doctor’s Thoughts on Breast Revision

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with the best breast revision Newport Beach has to offer. When it comes to a surgical procedure like a breast revision, we will be honest about the pros and cons of this treatment option. At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach breast lift has helped hundreds of patients achieve the results of the breast augmentation they always wanted. As board-certified surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. To get started on your procedure or to learn more about your options, contact our office and schedule your consultation.

What is a Breast Revision?

A breast revision is a second breast augmentation procedure to address changes or complications to the breast implants. A revision procedure can be done for a number of reasons, from dissatisfaction after breast augmentation with another surgeon, to issues like leakage or rupture. The revisions procedure with one of our board-certified surgeons will involve removing the implant and refreshing the breasts with new ones, similar to the initial breast augmentation procedure.

breast revision guideline

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Who can Benefit from a Breast Revision?

A breast revision can be performed to address the following concerns or complications related to previous breast surgery:

Capsular Contracture

After a breast augmentation procedure, a capsule of scar tissue is formed around the breast implant as a natural response. Capsular contracture refers to the tightening of the scar tissue, resulting in tightness, pain, and hardening of the implant. A breast revision procedure can address this by removing the entire capsule and implant.

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out occurs when the implant appears to fall below the breast crease, sitting too low on the chest. During a breast revision, the natural breast crease is restored, and the implant is brought to a more natural position.


Rippling looks like visible wrinkling of the implant that can be seen through the skin. This can occur due to insufficient breast tissue covering the implant, or implants that are too large. With a breast revision, new implants can be placed to restore their appearance.

Leakage or Rupture

A leak or rupture of the implants is increasingly rare due to ongoing improvements made to the structure of breast implants. However, they can still happen and often require a quick breast revision with the help of ultrasound technology to detect the structure of the implant. With a breast revision procedure, the broken implant is removed, often using an en bloc technique, to ensure no material leaks into the body. New implants can then be placed in the breast pocket.

Displacement of Implants

Some implants, especially those that are smooth and shaped, are prone to moving within the breast pocket, causing a deformed appearance. The implants can also shift too close together, causing a ‘uni-boob’ appearance. With a revision, the implants can be repositioned, restoring their appearance.

Dissatisfaction with Implants

For some, dissatisfaction with the implants occurs, whether it’s due to a changed mind or changes to the breasts. With a breast revision, new implants can be placed based on the desired size and material, or the implants can be removed completely.

Dissatisfaction with Scarring:

Scar reduction is possible in most cases. Surgical scar revision, laser, micro-needling, injections, and lightening creams are some of the techniques that are individualized to make your scars less noticeable.

How is Breast Revision Performed?

Your breast revision Newport Beach procedure will vary depending on the specific concerns being addressed. In general, breast revision involves removing any excess scar tissue, broken, or wrinkled implants, and replacing them with new ones. Incisions are made using existing scars whenever possible to avoid creating new ones. The implant placement will often use the initial breast augmentation pocket although conversion to a new location is occasionally required for best results.

Recovery After Breast Revision

Your recovery after a breast revision will be similar to the initial breast augmentation recovery. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort for the first week or two, and this time should be taken off work to properly heal. A surgical bra to wear at all times for the first several weeks will assist the healing process. Movements that involve the chest muscles, including lifting heavy objects, should be avoided for several weeks.

Breast Revision Results

Like most breast procedures, it takes several months for your final result, though most occur within the first 3-4 months. Final results typically occur at one year postoperatively. Most of our breast lift Newport Beach patients are thrilled with their final result and realize that weight gain and loss, pregnancy and medical conditions may alter optimal initial results.

Your Consultation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

To learn more about your Newport Beach breast revision at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, contact our office and schedule your consultation. Our plastic suregons are experts in breast revision procedures and can help you choose the right techniques for your concerns and goals.