A breast lift is a surgical breast enhancement procedure performed in Orange County, CA that can eliminate excess skin and tissue causing breasts to sag. A breast lift can be performed alone but is often combined with another breast enhancement procedure such as an breast augmentation or breast reduction. With a lift, breasts can be restored to a more youthful position and recontoured to improve symmetry and overall appearance.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Those considering having a breast lift in Orange County should first consider if they are a good candidate. Good candidacy is important in ensuring a successful recovery for satisfying results. candidates for a breast lift include healthy individuals with no medical conditions that might impair healing. Those who are able to maintain a positive outlook through the process and have realistic goals in mind will find more success in their breast lift procedure. Candidates often suffer from sagging breasts due to age, an immense weight loss, or pregnancy and breastfeeding and wish to restore their breasts to a more natural position. A breast lift is not for those who wish to change the size of their breasts.

Breast Lift Procedure

Patients will receive anesthesia or sedation before their breast lift procedure in Orange County. To begin the procedure, one or a combination of incisions can be made around the areola, down towards the breast crease, and/or horizontally along the breast crease. These patterns are skillfully made in order to minimize scarring visibility. The incision pattern that is best for you will be discussed during your consultation in Orange County. Next, excess skin is removed, and underlying tissue is lifted and tightened. Once the breasts have been reshaped, the incisions are closed and bandaged.

Recovering from a Breast Lift

A breast lift requires some downtime for proper rest and recovery. During the first two weeks, it’s normal to experience some discomfort, swelling, redness, and bruising. Pain medication can be provided to manage any discomfort and a support bra and ice pack can help to minimize swelling. All normal activity and more strenuous exercise can be resumed after a few months when your surgeon has given you permission. Your plastic surgeon in Orange County will provide you with all the necessary post-op care instructions as well as what restrictions to follow.

After three to six months when the swelling has diminished, final results will become noticeable. Results will show breasts that are lifted to a more youthful position, nipple position will be restored, and skin will be tightened.

Scheduling a Consultation in Orange County

When choosing a surgeon to perform your breast lift procedure, it is important to ask about their education and experience when it comes to plastic surgery. Choosing a surgeon that has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the best way to ensure a safe and effective procedure. Those in the Orange County area can choose Dr. Nichter or Dr. Horowitz, both board-certified, for their procedure at Pacific Center Plastic SurgeryContact us today for more information!