Trick Foods: Healthy Food Alternatives

April 13, 2012
Trick Foods: Healthy Food Alternatives

Have you been searching for healthy alternatives when it comes to food? Well, for the past year I have watched countless cooking shows, researched recipes, and of course have taste tested a variety of foods. Through my lengthy explorations, I have come across some interesting/alternative findings to the scrumptious, delectable, comfort foods we all adore. Through some time, I have adapted the name for these types of cuisine as “trick food.”

For example, if you are cooking a taco night for your family and friends, replace the ‘ever used Sour Cream’ with ‘plain FAGE Greek Yogurt.’ The comparison to these two items is pretty amazing. Firstly, they taste surprisingly similar (a sour, creamy bang), secondly, the consistency and color are the same, and thirdly, the nutritional value of Sour Cream versus Greek Yogurt is utterly shocking.

Sour Cream has 31 calories per 1 tbsp, 3g of fat and only .4g of protein. Comparably FAGE Greek Yogurt is only 90 calories for a whole container, 0g of fat and has an amazing source protein, 15g.

So as you make the sneaky swap, do not tell your family and friends. Only after they all have a taste, “YUM,” then ask everyone, “So does that Sour Cream taste different to you?” – their response will most likely be something like “It maybe tastes a little different, but is still super good,” then you reveal, “Ah-hah, healthy trick fooded you!”

I of course have ‘trick fooded’ a number of people, and all with success. I think I have officially converted at least all my friends and family to Greek Yogurt over Sour Cream, and am on a mission to convert many more people. So try it, let me know your thoughts and how your ‘healthy trick food’ experience goes.

Many more healthy food alternatives to come so stay in touch!