The potential dangers of traveling abroad for plastic surgery

March 13, 2014
The potential dangers of traveling abroad for plastic surgery

Traveling to a foreign country for a “plastic surgery vacation” may sound intriguing to some, but there are dangers that must be considered before making such a decision. In a recentarticle published by Maggie Fox, senior health writer for and, she talks about 19 women who traveled to the Dominican Republic for cheap plastic surgery over the past year. Each one of them came home with serious, hard-to-treat infections.

While it may sound like a great deal to not only save money by having plastic surgery in a foreign country, but to also visit a place you have never been, the end result may not be the one you wanted. Patients can end up spending more money in the long run paying for unexpected medical bills to cure infections or correct surgery gone wrong. In some cases, something even worse can happen, death. In an article published by the NY Post the story of a women lured by a plastic surgeon to have her plastic surgery done in the Dominican Republic to save money ends in her death.

The story published by Maggie Fox makes mention that the CDC advises all persons planning to receive surgical care outside the United States to verify that the health care provider and facility are licensed and accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation organization.

When in doubt error on the side of caution and if sounds too good to be true, it probably is!