It has been so many years since I have seen you Dr. Nichter. So much has happened over that time. My Mom passed away in October 2009. She died from complications to MDS. The biggest loss in my life, she was an amazing lady. Stephanie moved to Texas three years ago, best decision ever. Then my son, his wife and my grandson moved here. Then about a year and a half ago my husband and I came to live. We love it here, so happy we made the move. Stephanie had her son Jaxson on March 18th, she has never been happier. Motherhood suits her, she looks awesome. We did go through many years together taking care of Stephanie. I am still so grateful to you for taking such wonderful care of her. You were not only a great doctor, but you were a great friend. You made a very hard and difficult journey for she and I easier by being such a kind and compassionate doctor and friend. I follow you on FB, and it looks like you are doing well. You still look the same????. Again, I want to thank you for everything you did for she and I.