Dear Dr. Horowitz & Dr. Nichter and Staff, I attended your Autumn Event last night and had a wonderful time. You all did a wonderful and beautiful job as usual, this was my 3rd event with you. Your guests who you had for the product displays were great and very nice and very informative, and answered any questions I might have had. I was happy to see such a great turnout, and some of the stories your patients told about some of the procedures they had done were very interesting. They all had good compliments for all of you – which you all deserve. Also I have never won anything before, and behold when the raffle started my # was the first to be picked and I won a Juvederm Treatment which I am very excited about! I am looking forward to Suzanne doing the procedure for me. She’s a great nurse, I have had Laser done by her. Once again Thank You All for a fabulous evening last night! Looking forward to another wonderful event like this again. Sincerely, Paula