The results are so natural, bordering on beautiful!

Dear Dr. Nichter, I encourage women who are faced with the prospect of mastectomy to have breast reconstruction if their oncologist approves. I was able to have reconstruction start during surgery for the mastectomies. Instead of coming out of the anesthetic with my breasts not only gone but my chest actually concave, I awoke with close to what I had when I arrived at the hospital (I was small-breasted originally.) It is SO important from an aesthetic standpoint, but even more so from a psychological standpoint. And if it’s possible to consult Dr. Nichter, you must do it as he is a true artist. I consulted a couple of breast surgeons, but all the while my family physician kept insisting, absolutely insisted, that I consider no one else but Dr. Nichter. I did, and the results are so natural, bordering on beautiful! Most importantly, I never experienced the absolute trauma of a mutilated body.