Now I stand with my head up and look straight in people’s eyes with a smile and a certain pride.

This time 3 weeks ago I was having a lite face lift which is a simpler procedure improving signs of aging of the lower face, jawbone and neck. It took me a year to prepare myself to what I thought was going to be a major surgery. I want to aknowledge today how incredible my experience has been, especialy to those who like me are petrified by the word “surgery”. I must say the first 3 days post surgery are the most uncomfortable but there is no unbearable pain involved as we have pain medication available. On the fourth day was my first post op visit with the doctor. I was still very swollen but no pain killers were needed any longer. My face never bruised but my neck did. Then from there every day it became better and better, losing the swelling completely in 10 days. Today on my 21st day recovery, I feel 10 years younger but more important, I am experiencing an indescribable happiness deep inside, having left behind all those complexes I was living, trying to hide my face in any occasion. Now I stand with my head up and look straight in people’s eyes with a smile and a certain pride…but I would like to say all of this was possible because of the most experienced and gifted doctor I have ever met, Doctor Nichter. His kindness is unique and his skills are unlimited. I would like to mention also his Consultant Erika who held my hand through my pre operation, her warmth and sensitivity touched me. I also would like to aknowledge Pamela, the medical Aesthetician for being always available, incredibly knowledgeable and so bubbly! I knew I would look better and refreshed after that procedure but when I see the reaction of people around me, they stand staring at me, telling me how incredible I look. In conclusion I would highly recommend this Lite Lift® procedure to any one who would like to improve their looks one hundred percent for a reasonable price, minor discomfort, minimally invasive procedure performed by an expert surgeon. All the best to all of you, this life is what we have right now so why not make the best of it right now… Corine H., Dana Point, CA