I felt safe under their care.

As a professional in the medical field I opted for Dr. Nichter after extensive research. Several years ago I had cosmetic work done in a hospital under general anesthesia , recovery was long and the end result disappointing. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Nichter’s work. For those of you vacillating on having cosmetic work due to fear of not having a general anesthetic, let me tell you, I was not aware of the procedure taking place,did not experience pain, I used pain medication only once, your face is swollen and it’s frightening on the 3rd day but it gradually decreases, I was able to tolerate liquid diet the next day, plan on 1 or 2 weeks off work. I am very happy with the results, Dr. Nichter and staff provided all the info I required and I was not pressured during the initial consultation. I felt safe under their care. And best of all-It is affordable. Trust me when you look in the mirror you will love the results! Elizabeth K., Long Beach, CA