Dr. Jed Horowitz performed Lite Lift® surgery on me two weeks ago and, I have to say that I feel great!! and I’m very happy with the result. I look refreshed and natural. I was afraid to look different but..he did a wonderful job, he took 10 years out my face. I’ve been researching for a cosmetic surgeon for a year and since my first interview with him, I knew Dr. Horowitz will be the one to perform surgery on me I visit him a year ago and I got busy and couldn’t have the surgery done at that time but..I refer Dr. Horowitz to some of my friend and they did have surgery with him and they are very happy with the outcome, so I made up my mind and decide to have it, couldn’t be more happier. The team are wonderful!!. I had Susan inject Restylane on my lips and she help me prepare for the surgery and I have to say that she is very sweet and professional. I definitely recommend Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery to anyone that want to improve their appearance and have a natural look. I want to thank Dr. Horowitz and his staff for making me feel good . See you for my next procedure that will be breast augmentation, thank you again Yvana R., Mission Viejo, CA