I can not thank you enough!

Dear Dr. Nichter- I can’t begin to count the number of times I have written this letter. Most of the time it was while driving, laying in bed, etc. I have spent months searching for the perfect words to describe my sincerest gratitude. As my Mom approaches her 1 year anniversary from her surgeries, I knew I needed to finally sit down and write to you. I can not thank you enough for all that you did, Dr. Nichter! You have given my Mom a new life on so many levels. While my family and I have always thought my Mom was a beautiful person inside and out, she never felt that way. After her transformation, I do believe that her confidence was grown ten fold. She can see in the mirror how absolutely beautiful she is. She has a new skip in her step. The “skip” is not just her happiness displayed for all those to see, it is also her ability to move more freely. She is in unbelievable shape! I constantly have to ask her to slow down when we are walking through Costco because I can’t keep up!! You, as a surgeon, have multiple gifts. In addition to your skills in the operating room, you have such an amazing bedside manner. I can’t thank you enough for that. You made my Mom feel so comfortable when sharing her before and after figure, to her inner most thoughts, etc. Your compassion is a trait many do not have and is truly admired. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been such a journey and a year I will never forget.