I am 100% satisfied with my results and experience.

December 2010, I had a Breast Augmentation with an Areola Reduction w/ Dr. Nichter. As you probably may know by now, it is very nerve reckon and emotional when it comes to which surgeon is right for you and what size will be best fit for your physique or wants. Dr. Nichter has definitely been very informative with all my questions, even offered more, and took his time to listen to my needs and wants without making me feel rushed but at ease. He definitely listened rather than telling me, also recommended but made assured that it is my decision and what I know will be best for me. The day of Surgery, it was very pleasant from the nurses in the surgery room with outgoing and upbeat personalities, to the anesthesiologist who showed graciousness, to Dr. Nichter, who assured me of the procedures that will be performed. This definitely made my nerves calm and felt I was in the hands of a good Surgeon and his team. In addition, Dr. Nichter took additional time to assure that I will get the results I wanted, he could of just done what he can and leave it at that but as a very pleasing Surgeon he is, he wanted to make it possible. In which, he did and that was very gratifying. To know that a surgeon is willing to do what it takes to get the results of a patients wants is all that you can ask for. Never have expectations and when it happens, just be grateful. I have always been a very happy and loving person. I had lots of confidence and self esteem. After having 3 kids w/ a very supportive husband, my breast was never the same and was ashamed to show my Husband as well as alter my style of clothing. I felt like I had everything going in my life except for that one thing. Thanks to Dr. Nichter, he has given me that extra boost of confidence and self esteem. I am now complete. I don’t have any complaints or regrets. My husband loves it and I have gotten many compliments from my friends and family. I am currently 16 weeks Post-op and can say I am 100% satisfied with my results and experience. I have not encounter any terrible recovery, any complications, or complaints. But when I did have questions or concerns, Dr. Nichter and his nurses returned my calls the same day. If they were extremely busy, their staff would call to let me know that I will get a return call as soon as a nurse is available. They are very attentive to their patients. LOVE THAT! Dr. Nichter and his staff are very pleasant to work with. A great Surgeon needs an excellent staff and that equals Pacific Center For Plastic Surgery. Susan P., Lakeforest, CA