After doing extensive research to find OC’s best plastic surgeon, I ended up at Dr. Horowitz’s office and must say that I am very pleased and impressed with his work. My research paid off! Hoping to spruce up my post-baby mommy body back into tip-top shape with a breast lift, augmentation, and some midsection contouring, Dr. Horowitz gave me the phenomenal results I wanted! Not only did Dr. Horowitz clearly know what he was doing, but the office staff was attentive and skilled in making sure my surgery experience went as smoothly and comfortably as possible. They turned what could have easily been a complicated and stressful process into something I felt clear and confident about. All aspects of the experience exceeded my expectations, from beginning to end. Both the doctor and staff were knowledgeable and trustworthy (a MUST with any experience like this), and most importantly of all, the work done makes it impossible to imagine that I’m a mother of two little ones. Many thanks to Dr. Horowitz, and the staff at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery! D.A., Irvine, CA