Something special for yourself once in a while

March 13, 2012
Something special for yourself once in a while

Stressed out or just need to get away from it all for a few hours?

Then pack up a nice little picnic and make your way over to Laguna Beach for a leisurely walk and a relaxing commune with nature. It’s a quick drive for most in OC, and best of all it’s free and oh so very good for body and soul!

When Laguna Beach comes up, many think of Main Beach and Heisler Park, which are great destinations, but often a bit crowded for my taste. My personal favorite escape is the Montage Resort on Coast Highway. With its beautiful walkways and beaches, this luxurious property is open to the public (which not everyone realizes), and offers many delicious, scenic vignettes equipped with benches and picnic tables overlooking panoramic ocean views. It’s a place where one can literally lose themselves in the grandeur of the incredible, natural beauty.

So sit and indulge in the gorgeous surroundings, or take a stroll on the beach itself. Get close up and personal with the surf, the sand, the seagulls, the pelicans and whatever cute little sea creature comes your way-maybe even a passing dolphin or two! Whatever you decide to do, I know you’ll be exquisitely fulfilled and so happy you took the time to get away. After all, we deserve to do something special for ourselves once in a while, don’t we?


– Stephanie Hyman
Patient Consultant, Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery