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Dr. Horowitz has been wonderful throughout my entire experience. In addition to his skilled accomplishments, he has been supportive in addressing all of my questions/concerns and offered reassurance for any additional care needed as I progressed thru the healing phase. He has a wonderful and approachable bedside manner and has never made me feel rushed during a visit. He has a real gift! I also have to give exemplary kudos to all the office staff as well for their tremendous professionalism and knowledgable care. It’s always a team effort. They are the best!


From the very first phone call to schedule a consultation to my last post-op appointment, I have been extremely happy with this whole experience. Dr Nichter was very informative, answering all my questions and concerns about how I hoped to look in the end. I am so happy with the results!


Dr. Horowitz is a classy, gentle, artistic plastic surgeon who will make you feel at ease. They were also always on time (pre-op consultations). Stephanie-his assistant- was beyond amazing too. She was always available to answer all of my concerns. He is of course on the top-end of the price range but I feel this is money well-spent!


I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Nichter over the last 10 years. He is THE BEST. Great surgeon, spends the time you need, and cares about what is best for you. He doesn’t “sell” anything, in fact a few times he told me he didn’t want to do a lipo surgery I wanted as there was so little to work with. I would never consider another surgeon and have been beyond pleased with everything.


Dr. Nichter was recommended to me by a friend who had several procedures performed by him. My first impression of Dr. Nichter was that he was not just out to perform procedures, but rather concerned about the proper procedure needed. He spent time talking to me, discussing possible options. I felt that Dr. Nichter was very professional and knowledgeable. The office staff was very friendly and professional.


Dr. Jed Horowitz is a compassionate caring Plastic Surgeon. Trusting your doctor and knowing he wants your best outcome is paramount! I would never see anyone else.At his advise while already having general anasthestic for my breast lift, the Blue Peel was applied. Leaving looking very BLUE, I felt great. Dr Horowitz called me that evening to see how I was and if I had any questions .I was extremely impressed by his personal phone call and felt very special .Caring is excellent “medicine!”.Dr Horowitz had done my eye lid surgery 10 years ago ,and my tummy tuck 16 years ago . When you find the BEST Plastic Surgeon there just isn’t anyone else to go to . Thank you for taking the time to always answer my questions,and for always making ME feel special. Your supportive staff and welcoming office make any procedure a positive one .


I was referred by a friend who had plastic surgery and was very happy with the results and the doctors. Dr. Larry is the most competent, skilled and wonderful surgeon in CA. The office staff and nurses are the loveliest people I have met. They are all very helpful, caring and intelligent. I just saw my photos posted to his website! OMG! You can look in the mirror every day and say,” Yes, I look and feel better,” however when I saw the photos I was blown away. What an amazing job!


Dr. Horowitz is an awesome surgeon. I had the most wonderful worry free experience. Dr. Horowitz is very caring. I appreciate he took the time and was patience in answering all my questions, making sure I was comfortable with the procedure, recovery and results. I will totally recommend Dr. Horowitz.


Dr. Larry Nichter is so good! An amazing surgeon! He listened completely, explained thoroughly, and delivered more than I thought possible. I felt completely comfortable with him in the beginning and cannot say enough about his ability as a surgeon!


Dr. Horowitz is a kindhearted doctor as well as an excellent surgeon, and I recommend him one hundred percent. The staff in the office is also unbelievably personable and sincere. They all addressed me by name starting at my first appointment at the office and they never forgot me. They made me feel taken care of and they did everything they could to make sure that held true. Stephanie was one of the women who went above and beyond for me prior to both of my procedures. She called the insurance company for me and dealt with many details I did not completely understand. She explained all of the costs to me and was extremely friendly and caring.


I interviewed 4 other plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Nichter. He was the most thorough and spent the most time with me. I also researched his credentials and have never found a more qualified surgeon.


Just can’t say enough about Dr. Horowitz and his staff too.Wait times are short. He explains all things clearly. All financial issues are handled with ease. You feel as if you can ask any question and feel like family! I would recommend him to anyone. Plus he and his partner give back to the community with their Plasticos Foundation!


I had a full tummy tuck with lipo of the upper abdomen, flanks, hips, upper back and that gross extended boob I have under my arm! hahaha Dr. Nichter has a very calm demeanor; he is very thorough and has answered every one of my questions. He makes me feel comfortable and he is very professional. My results are amazing! I, never in my wildest dreams, thought I would ever look as good as I do now! I am getting compliments left and right! I was truly paranoid patty and a skeptic right after my surgery, but everything Dr. Nichter advised would happen was spot on! I feel absolutely amazing and would recommend Dr. Nichter to any and everyone that asked! His staff is phenominal as well. Summer and Barbara are always a pleasure to speak with and they make me feel very welcomed and comfortable. They are both true sweethearts! The wait time is amazing also! I have not waited more then 5 minutes before they call me back to a room. Dr. Nichter comes in after just enough time for me to change into my gown! Thank you Dr. Nichter and Staff! You have changed my life forever and no review could ever truly express the gratitude I have for you!


Dr. Horowitz is kind and patient and answered all of my questions. He put me at ease about my surgery and I knew I was in good hands. He is very professional and respectful, but also friendly. I would recommend him to anyone!


I knew Dr. Nichter from another procedure ten years earlier. I always kept his number.


Dr. Horowitz is an excellent plastic surgeon. I am extremely happy with my results. My interactions with him have also been wonderful. He and his staff discussed everything from pre- through post-op in an open, thoughtful, and friendly manner. Again, I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz and his staff.


From the start, Dr. Nichter and his staff made me feel comfortable and well cared for. They answered all my questions before and after the procedure. I can’t thank Dr. Nichter and his staff enough!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Horowitz and his staff! They are so kind, patient, and understanding. I took a big chance enrolling in a clinical study but, Dr. Horowitz and his staff assured me that I was doing the right thing. I would trust him with any plastic surgery experience and highly recommend him. The office is beautiful and centrally located near the John Wayne airport in Irvine, CA. I love his nurses and all the staff at the office. I feel like home where I come here. I won’t get cosmetic procedures anywhere else!


Despite the fact that I was the one resistant to the open procedure, Dr. Horowitz graciously waived most of his fees to do the revision. He had already spent a good deal of time with me after the original procedure and continues to follow up and make himself available for questions and concerns. He is a very nice person and clearly a highly skilled surgeon. I am very glad I chose him to do the work and would recommend him highly. His entire staff is very nice and very patient with calls and questions.


Saw an ad in a magazine then attended one of their seminars. Dr. Nichter is very caring and attentive. He listens to his patient and he is very serious about what he is doing. He pays attention to every detail and provides very useful suggestions.I felt very confident doing my procedure with him even though it was very difficult for me to decide if I want to go through any procedure or not. His staff and him self were very critical to provide me with the confidence of going through the procedure.


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Had work done with Dr. Horowitz 7 years ago and going again for another procedure. Very professional and excellent work.

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I went to Dr. Nichter for the mommy makeover in Nov. 2012. From the start, Dr. Nichter and his staff made me feel comfortable and well cared for. They answered all my questions before and after the procedure. The surgery went prefect with and I felt well prepared and informed on how the recovery was going to be. The best part is the thin and well placed tummy tuck scar which is completely hidden under my new bikinis (YES.. I’m back in a Bikini after two kids!!!) and NO scars on the breast enlargement! I highly recommend the mommy makeover, I feel like I got my body back! I can’t thank Dr. Nichter and his staff enough!

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I had been wanting to do breast augmentation surgery since I started growing breasts. I unfortunately got stuck with tuberous breasts, which I hated!!! I’m a very picky person therefore picking my surgeon was a BIG deal I went to several consultations and Dr. Horowitz was my last one, I knew from the second I started speaking to him that I wanted him to perform my surgery. He was such a friendly doctor, took the time to actually talk to me and answered every question I had. His staff was also amazing, everyone was friendly and nice (I had gone to consultations where the staff was rude and didn’t care for the patient). The office is also beautiful and very clean. Everything about doctor Horowitz felt right. And now only a week after my surgery I could not be happier with my results. My breasts look beautiful, FINALLY!! I had a breast augmentation mastopexy with a periareolar incision behind the muscle. My recovery is going very well and I’ve gone to my first post op & everything’s great!

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I’ve always wanted to share with the world or at least anyone who would listen to my thoughts about how amazing Dr. Nichter is. When I had to get reconstructive surgery many years ago, I don’t believe rating your doctor was around as he fixed my face after a horrible car accident I had back in 1997; almost 16yrs ago. I had broken the floor of my eye socket, left cheek bone and had multiple fractures in my sinus cavity. I looked pretty terrible & felt pretty terrible & had a mother who asked A LOT of questions. Before and after the procedures, Dr. Nichter was so patient, understanding, & helpful. He was just so gentle and sweet and answered every question that I & my mom had; even if we asked the same question twice! He also did an amazing job on my surgery & when people hear about the accident they are always amazed at his awesome work, so of course I constantly recommend him to whomever will listen or wants the very best doctor out there! I was so lucky to have been his patient.

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The staff was very helpful, Dr. Horowitz answered all my questions and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They also take an interest during the healing process to ensure your recovery is on track and as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz and his highly trained staff for your procedure you may be thinking of doing.

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I encourage women who are faced with the prospect of mastectomy to have breast reconstruction if their oncologist approves. I was able to have reconstruction start during surgery for the mastectomies. Instead of coming out of the anesthetic with my breasts not only gone but my chest actually concave, I awoke with close to what I had when I arrived at the hospital (I was small-breasted originally.) It is SO important from an aesthetic standpoint, but even more so from a psychological standpoint. And if it’s possible to consult Dr. Nichter, you must do it as he is a true artist. I consulted a couple of breast surgeons, but all the while my family physician kept insisting, absolutely insisted, that I consider no one else but Dr. Nichter. I did, and the results are so natural, bordering on beautiful! Most importantly, I never experienced the absolute trauma of a mutilated body.

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I have already had a Rhinoplasty and Dr. Horowitz did a beautiful job. I’m going back for a breast augmentation. I know he has the magic fingers so I hope it goes well. If you want someone to do your surgery pick him! He has much experience, is a published author and has won awards that has described him as one of the top doctors in America.

Love Your Look S.O from Lomita, CA

Several weeks ago I got the “LiteLift®”. Dr. Nichter was my surgeon and was awesome throughout the whole process. He is really a caring and thoughtful doctor and he is a great surgeon. I love my new face and neckline! I get so many compliments like “did you get your hair cut differently?” or “you just look so good these days!”. I also get a lot of looks at the market and around town – something that hasn’t happened in years. If you are thinking about having work done to your face or jawline you HAVE to check out the LiteLift®. It is a whole new procedure that you can have done right in Dr. Nichter’s office in a couple of hours and the results are so natural looking. I’m pushing 60 and now I look like I’m in my mid-forties. Even though it has only been seven weeks since the surgery and the full results won’t show for a couple more months, the change in my overall face structure and my new self-confidence confirm that the LiteLift® and Dr. Nichter are two of the best things that have ever happened to me!

Yelp Amanda M., Newport Beach, CA

All the staff at PCFPS is very friendly. I’ve been going to Suzanne for injectables for over 2 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, honest and most importantly listens to what you want. She does an amazing job on lips (Juvederm) and doesn’t go overboard so they are very natural looking and symmetrical. Before finding Suzanne I had my lips done by a few others and was never completely satisfied and they looked very fake.

Yelp Karen L., Irvine, CA

Six month ago I had a Lite Lift®, Temple Lift and Eyelid Lift performed by Dr. Horowitz. I was extremely nervous and rescheduled a few times. I decided to have the surgery in the surgery center under twilight medication. I am pleased with my result and the icing on the cake is when I saw an acquaintance whom I had not seen since Christmas just last week. At first she looked as though she didn’t recognize me and then blurted, “You look so great, my gosh you look so young!”. I believe I look natural, just younger and fresher. I have been very pleased with my follow-up care with the entire staff and also with the continuing skin care with Pam. Thank you Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery for making me look as young as I feel.

Yelp Jill F., Santa Ana, CA

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Horowitz in March. He is a great doctor! He took time to listen to my concerns and answered my questions. I love my results and a bunch of my friends love how natural and great they look:) I was actually referred to Dr. Horowitz from a friend of mine and i am happy i chose him!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Horowitz!!

Yelp D M., Irvine, CA

I had a LiteLift®with Dr. Nichter in March and am SO pleased with the results. I just attended my 40th high school reunion on July 4th, and I got so many compliments on how youthful and beautiful I looked! It was very gratifying and I am feeling quite happy that I decided to go through with the surgery. It was subtle enough so that no one knows I had it done, but effective enough that I see the difference but all that anyone else sees is that I look “rested,” “happier” and “great.” I was also quite relieved to have a successful procedure that didn’t require so much downtime and general anesthesia. I feel very comfortable with Dr Nichter and convinced that he is a straight shooter; he will tell you exactly what is true and doesn’t try to “sell” anything. I will likely have some additional work done (facial peel perhaps my eyes as well). He did a great job with me!