Put Your Best Face Forward “Makeup Do’s & Don’ts”

November 13, 2013
Put Your Best Face Forward "Makeup Do's & Don'ts"
A British survey revealed that women spend an average of 14.5 minutes doing their makeup during the week, 24 minutes on the weekends, and up to 76 minutes when they have a big night out. All of that time spent putting your best face forward should count, and it should start with keeping your makeup and tools used for application in tip-top shape. Here are some makeup do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

DO make sure to replace concealers with wands or stick concealers at least once a year

Concealers are often used to cover up more than just uneven coloring on the skin, but are also used to tone down the appearance of an unsightly blemish. Blemishes = bacteria and germs!! You don’t want to contaminate your concealer with whatever bacteria it might’ve picked up from the blemish, so it’s usually best to dab some concealer on the back of your hand and apply it from there.

DON’T keep your mascara or eyeliner if you’ve had pink eye or any other eye infection. Even it was your absolute favorite, it’s not worth risking getting another infection. You can always replace it or try another mascara or eyeliner you’ve been thinking about trying.

DOmaintain your makeup brushes. Cleaning your concealer and foundation brushes at least once a week helps to keep any potential bacteria growth at bay and prevent product build-up. Eye makeup brushes should be cleaned at least twice a month as well. Plus, there’s nothing like putting on makeup with a freshly cleaned brush.

DON’T keep mascara or eyeliner for more than 3 months. The FDA recommends changing mascara this often due to microbial exposure during use.

DO use gentle facial wash or makeup brush cleanser to clean your brushes. This will help to keep the bristles from becoming dry and brittle.

If you’re a DIY kind of gal, there are a number of homemade makeup brush cleanser recipes all over the internet. Some call for both dish soap and olive oil (to condition the brushes), some have said white vinegar and dish soap. Dish soap does seem to be a common ingredient. Have fun trying out different combinations and maybe you’ll come up with a recipe yourself!

DON’T become a product hoarder!!! If you haven’t used it in over a year, that might mean it’s time to toss it. Out with the old, in with the new.