Doctor’s Thoughts on Nipple/Areola Correction

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we strive to understand your unique concerns and goals to find the right treatment plan for you. When it comes to a procedure like nipple or areola correction, we will be honest about the pros and cons of this treatment option. We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve natural-looking results from their nipple/areola correction procedure to enhance the appearance of their breasts. As board certified surgeons, we aim to deliver the best care, from consultation to post-op. To get started on your procedure or to learn more about your options, contact our office and schedule your consultation.

What is a Nipple/Areola Correction?

A nipple or areola correction procedure involves surgical techniques to address concerns related to the size, shape, or symmetry of the nipples. This might be performed alone or at the same time as another breast procedure like a breast augmentation, reduction, lift, or gynecomastia surgery.

Who can Benefit from a Nipple/Areola Correction?

The nipple/areola correction can address the following concerns:

  •         Inverted nipples
  •         Changes to the nipples/areolas with age
  •         Overly large nipples/areolas
  •         Asymmetrical nipples/areolas
  •         Nipples that point downward 


Both men and women who are bothered by the appearance of their nipples or areolas can benefit from a correction procedure. For women, nipple/areola correction can optimize the appearance of the breasts, especially after another procedure like a breast augmentation, reduction, or lift. For men, nipple/areola correction can enhance the results of their gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction.

How is the Nipple/Areola Correction Performed?

Your nipple/areola surgery will involve specific techniques to address your unique concerns and will typically be performed using local anesthesia to numb the area. To address the size or shape of the areolas, an incision will be made around the border of the areola. A donut-shaped piece of tissue will be removed and the new border of the areola is created. Scarring is well concealed within the pigment of the areola. For inverted nipple treatment, an incision will be made around the base of the nipple, and the nipple and areola are lifted into a protruding shape.

Recovery After Nipple/Areola Correction

Unless you had your procedure combined with a larger procedure like breast augmentation or reduction, there is little recovery after nipple/areola surgery. However, you might experience some swelling, redness, and tightness for a few days. The area will be bandaged to protect your incision sites. You can get back to most regular activities right away, but you may want to hold off on more strenuous activity to avoid excess swelling.

Nipple/Areola Correction Results

After lingering swelling has diminished, you can enjoy the final results of your nipple/areola surgery. Patients report feeling more confident with the new size, shape, and symmetry of their nipples. The results of nipple/areola surgery are permanent.

Your Consultation at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

To learn more about your nipple/areola at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, contact our office and schedule your consultation. Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz are experts in breast and nipple/areola procedures and can help you choose the right techniques for your concerns and goals.