What is the O-Shot®?

The G Spot Shot injection is an aptly named sexual rejuvenation procedure that helps to increase sensitivity and stimulation in the Grafenberg Spot inside the upper vagina. For women who have identified this part of their anatomy and have been able to experience vaginal orgasms, this shot can increase the intensity of their orgasms and pleasure.

O-Shot® is a non-surgical treatment that can help patients regain their feeling of femininity and reduce any discomfort they may feel during certain activities, especially intercourse. A medical professional can administer the procedure, such as the board-certified plastic surgeons at the Pacific Center Plastic Surgery.

Many patients who undergo an O-Shot® treatment report feeling more sexual arousal and a heightened sense of pleasure during intimate moments. O-Shot® injections use hyaluronic acid to help stimulate collagen production in the area or we often use PRP from your own platelets. This helps to naturally tighten and rejuvenate the tissues within the vagina canal, near the G Spot.

Who is a Good Candidate for O-Shot® Treatments?

The O-Shot® is great if you have already experienced vaginal orgasms and are aware of where your own G-spot is located. This will enhance your pleasure.

Many patients who seek this treatment are often unsure or feel self-conscious about their concerns. We offer them a safe place to help feel comfortable and receive rejuvenation treatments that can truly enhance your quality of life.

What are the Benefits of O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® treatment is intended to offer improved pleasure and increased vaginal orgasms.

Benefits include a more amplified sensitivity in the G- Spot and the surrounding tissue. This happens by increasing the volume of the actual G- Spot, which is thought to help it become stimulated more easily during sexual activities.

What to Expect Before Treatment

O-Shot® is a fast, simple, and safe procedure that can be administered in-house by one of our many talented physicians or medical personnel. No special measures will need to be taken to prepare, but patients should be in good general health and have healthy lifestyle habits.

During your initial consultation, you’ll be able to discuss any details with your surgeon, including concerns or questions about how the procedure works and what you can expect after treatment.

The Procedure Details

The actual appointment will take around 15 to 30 minutes, not including the anesthesia. Initially, upon arrival, you will be greeted by staff and made comfortable while you get ready for your O-Shot® injection.

The first step will be to locate the G Spot. Patients will lie on a table similar to a pap smear. Your physician will measure where it is located on your body to administer the injection properly. From there, anesthesia will be injected to help numb the area and make it more comfortable.

Finally, the O-Shot® is introduced directly into the area. Patients often report it is painless and straightforward.

Recovery and Results of the O-Shot®

After your injections, a tampon will be inserted to help quell any bleeding that may occur after the treatment. This can be removed about four hours after the procedure. Patients are free to return to regular activities, including intercourse, after those four hours.

There is no recovery time required, and aside from some mild soreness at the injection site, patients don’t feel anything. Treatments are recommended every three to six months, with results sometimes lasting up to one year.

Consultation for O-Shot® in Orange County

For many women, this can be difficult to discuss. It is an entirely normal and natural part of life, especially in women in their 40s and 50s. Menopause symptoms can affect your arousal and how your vagina responds to sexual activity. All of these things can make women feel inadequate or as though they are losing their femininity.

An O-Shot® treatment may help provide a non-surgical solution for women who want to boost their sex lives. At the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, our facility in Newport Beach is led by board-certified professionals such as Dr. Angela Champion. Her experience as a female plastic surgeon can help women feel more comfortable when visiting our facility. Drs. Nichter, Horowitz, and Paydar can perform these procedures as well as our highly trained female PA-c and RN.

Cost and Financing Options

The number of shots, filler, and overall extent of treatment desired can affect a O-Shot® treatment’s final cost. Our facility welcomes patients seeking vaginal rejuvenation treatments in Southern California, Orange County, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas. We have financing and payment options available to accommodate the needs of all our patients.