Podcast: Dr. Horowitz Talks About The LiteLift®

June 13, 2009
Podcast: Dr. Horowitz Talks About The Lite Lift

Dr. Horowitz talks about the LiteLift®, our quick-to-recover face lift procedure. Download and listen now (MP3 file).

Here are the Show Notes from the interview.

What is the LiteLift® and how is is different from a facelift?

What makes the LiteLift® different from the mini facelifts many doctors perform?

Who is the best candidate for a Lite-Lift?

Is it necessary to use anesthesia?

What is the recovery like?

How soon before a patient go out in public?

What about the Life Style lift that so many patients ask about?

Why don’t all plastic surgeons perform this operation?

How long have you and your partner Dr. Nichter been doing the LiteLift®?

I understand you’ve changed your philosophy on facelift surgery. Why is that?

Where can listeners get more information about the LiteLift® procedure?