“Perky” Natrelle Inspira® Breast Implants

April 13, 2017
"Perky" Natrelle Inspira® Breast Implants

At Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, we always strive to offer advanced cosmetic surgical procedures and devices to give you the best result and the look you have always wanted. One of the ways we do this is to continuously study the practice of plastic surgery and stay abreast with the latest innovations in the industry.

Recently, the FDA approved a new breast implant type manufactured by Allergan called Natrelle Inspira® It is a cohesive silicone gel implant touted as a “high-gel fill ratio,” which is said to give a more dramatic perky appearance. This new implant type provides our practice yet another option to offer our breast augmentation patients.

The Natrelle Inspira® implants are one of the newest in the category of “gummy” implants. They were designed to have a soft feel with increased fullness. The silicone gel inside is cohesive, meaning if the implant was cut in half it would look similar to that of an actual gummy bear. The Inspira® breast implant has a higher fill ratio which gives it more rounded fullness.

Should I Choose Natrelle Inspira® Implants?

If you prefer a modest “natural” look, the Natrelle Inspira® implants may not be right for you. We recommend meeting with one of our Newport Beach plastic surgeons to discuss the implant options best suited for you. Factors they will take into consideration are:

  • The look you want
  • Amount of breast tissue you have
  • Chest wall size
  • Current bra size
  • Breast shape
  • Body height/weight/shape
  • Budget

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact Pacific Center Plastic Surgery to discuss your options. Let us help you look and feel your very best!