Pacific Center Staff Member Sends Love to Boston­-in Pizza Form

The Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery would like to commend our staff member, Liz Kosearas, for her initiative and generosity in organizing a food donation drive for people in the Boston area affected by the bombing.

Liz started her effort on Reddit with the modest goal of buying pizzas for stranded runners and those who were housing them, expecting just a few responses. Requests for pizza did come, but it was the response from Redditors living outside of Boston that started the Random Acts of Pizza phenomenon.

In less than 45 minutes, hundreds of people from all over the U.S. and Canada were offering to send pizza.

With help from fellow Redditors, Liz found herself coordinating the huge effort to send pizzas to people in homes and hospitals, as well as police and fire departments. The staff of Anytime Pizza, a pizzeria in Cambridge, Mass., worked until their supplies were exhausted, making and delivering hundreds of pizzas.

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Some faith in humanity has been restored