Our Doctors Voted Best Facelift Doctors in Los Angeles by Cosmetic Town

Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter have been voted Best Facelift Doctors in Los Angeles by Cosmetic Town!

The recipients for this award were determined using extensive consumer research in the field of cosmetic surgery using an intelligent algorithm, patient education efforts conducted by the doctors in order to educate and inform the public about plastic surgery, and doctor peer sharing efforts through articles they wrote for medical journals.

Facelift Experts

Our board certified plastic surgeons are renowned for their skill and natural-looking results, which is why so many people trust them with not only facelift surgery, but all forms of cosmetic procedures.

Practicing in the field of plastic surgery since 1985, Dr. Horowitz is known as a leader in facial rejuvenation, having developed the LiteLift® modified facelift procedure, which has become popular among men and women in California wanting a youthful natural looking result with less downtime and fewer risks.

With over 20 years of experience practicing in Southern California, Dr. Nichter is recognized for as an industry leader in plastic surgery. He specializes in the LiteLift® procedure, as well as other plastic surgery facial procedures.

About Cosmetic Town

Cosmetic Town helps finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your community easier than ever. They also aim to educate and inform the public about cosmetic surgery. Learn more at www.cosmetictown.com.

If you are interested in a facelift or any other form of cosmetic surgery in the Newport Beach area, contact our office today to schedule a consultation!