Orange County Medical Spa Now Offering miraSmooth® for hair removal

The Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery and BioSpa are thrilled to announce the FDA approval of the miraDry® system to be used for hair removal. MiraDry® was first approved by the FDA to treat excessive underarm sweat, but has been expanded to also be indicated to treat unwanted hair.

The BioSpa medical spa in Newport Beach, CA is one of the first in California to offer this technology. Miramar Labs, the creator of miraDry®, will be marketing the hair removal treatment under the name miraSmooth®. The major benefit of miraSmooth® is its ability to effectively remove any underarm hair color, which is not the case with traditional laser hair removal. To learn more about miraSmooth, please visit our miraSmooth page.

What is miraSmooth®?

Miramar Labs is a world-wide aesthetic company who provides innovative technology for use in the non-surgical cosmetic market place. The announcement of Miramar Labs’ FDA approval establishes the miraDry® system as the only technology on the market cleared for the treatment of underarm hair of all colors, as well as the permanent reduction of underarm sweat.

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