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  • Natural Breast Augmentation

    Natural Breast Augmentation California Breast LiftTM Newport Beach, CA

    If you are considering breast augmentation and are particularly interested in natural breast augmentation; referred to as the ‘California breast liftTM’ at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery; there are some major differences between a natural augmentation and an augmentation using breast implants that are important to note before making your decision. Sufficient Fat Needed In…
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  • What is Vaser Liposuction?

    Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposuction is another treatment option to remove stubborn fat. As a safe and effective alternative to a traditional liposuction treatment, the Vaser method can improve shape, contour, and definition in areas such as in the abdomen, back, and waistline for improved body contour. How Does Vaser Liposuction…
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  • How Plasticos Foundation Brought in the New year

    Greetings, and wishes for a happy and healthy new year for one and all from Kathmandu, Nepal. The workweek for the Nepalese Plastic Surgeons is six days a week with only Saturday off and few vacations. New Years is not one of them. In a few minutes, it will be 2018. We spent Sunday, New…
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  • Protect Your Facelift Investment

    A facelift can restore your face to a more youthful appearance by removing excess sagging skin and re-positioning the underlying layers into the proper position. Depending on the type of facelift performed, results can last anywhere from a couple of years to ten or more years, however, you will always look younger than you would…
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  • Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Questions, Answered

    The popularity of vaginal rejuvenation procedures has been rising quickly in the U.S., in part because women are more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. While it may be trending, especially in Southern California, there are some questions women may still have about the vaginal rejuvenation process. Why would a woman undergo vaginal rejuvenation? There…
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  • Turn Back the Clock with LiteLift®

    pacific center in newport beach litelift

    As we age, our skin loses elasticity and collagen, causing sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. For many, a facelift is the go-to procedure to address these signs of aging. However, not everyone may be ready to undergo such an invasive procedure. For those who are looking to turn back the hands of time without undergoing…
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  • Breast Implants: What You Should Know

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we have put together a basic overview of breast implants. For those considering breast augmentation, it is important to know what to expect and how to care for your breast implants to ensure optimal breast health. Breast Implants Women who are considering breast implants should be sure to…
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    Vaser liposuction, also known as LipoSelection, was first introduced in 2002 as an alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure. This minimally invasive FDA-approved technology utilizes sound waves to gently loosen fat and smooth and contour the body. Ideal candidates for this treatment are those who are in good condition and have an interest in removing…
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  • Liposuction for Fat Removal

    Is stubborn fat keeping you from achieving the figure you want? While there are many non-surgical fat reductions available today, liposuction is still the most predictable procedure available. As you may already know, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. This is because it has remained the most effective way…
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  • Liposuction- Protect Your Investment

    Liposuction is one of the more frequently performed procedures at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. Traditional liposuction has been around for decades and remains the gold standard for fat removal. Year after year it ranks as one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Liposuction is typically…
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Virtual Consultations & Destination Services in Newport Beach, CA

Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you make your trip to beautiful Newport Beach as pleasant and luxurious as possible. Don’t let distance hold you back from meeting our amazing plastic surgeons. Dr. Jed Horowitz and Dr. Larry Nichter see patients from all over the world, and they make patients’ comfort and happiness their top priority. If you want to book a virtual consultation, or you need help finding places to stay in the Orange County area, please call our office today at (949) 565-2121 or request a consultation online.