Breast Implants Before and After: Dr. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz featured on Ideal Implant discussing IDEAL IMPLANT ® STRUCTURED BREAST IMPLANTS and the advanced plastic surgery techniques preformed at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach.

Pacific Center Plastic Surgery Shows Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Featured on PR Newswire, Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month and supports women’s breast health.

Plastic Surgery: The Naked Truth – Breast Implant Related Lymphoma

Featured on Real Self, Dr. Horowitz explains what BIA-ALCL is and how it is detected.

Drainless Pain-Less Tummy Tucks

Featured on Real Self, Dr. Jed Horowitz discusses his drainless-painless technique used with his Tummy Tuck procedures.

Learn About the Ideal Breast Implant

In the podcast: Experts Advice with Frank BuddenBrock, Dr. Nichter is featured talking about the Ideal Breast Implant.

To Have or Have Not: Breast Reconstruction and “Going Flat”

Dr. Horowitz comments on those who chose to have reconstruction and those who opt out

RealSelf Fellow Changes Lives in Guatemala

Dr. Nichter is highlighted on Real Self for his dedication to helping those in need of surgical care across the globe.

Facial Rejuvenation: Four Aspects in Turning Back Time

Dr. Horowitz goes over the four aspects in facial rejuvenation and how it can turn back time.

RealSelf Acknowledges Dr. Nichter’s Medical Mission Efforts in a Press Release

RealSelf fellow Dr. Larry Nichter was recognized for his global reconstructive surgery efforts.

The Naked Truth: Beautiful Lips and Amazing Smiles

Dr. Jed Horowitz’s article about various treatments to enhance your lips and smile is published on our site.

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