Lights! Camera! Action!

October 13, 2008
Lights! Camera! Action!

Time Is Donated By Those Who Simply Want To Help Other Human Beings

Last year Dr. Larry Nichter was in Denver, CO to attend the 20th Annual Denver International Film Festival. Interplast International, Inc., a nonprofit organization was featured in a thirty-minute documentary titled “A Story of Healing.”

Interplast sends volunteer medical teams to developing nations to provide free reconstructive surgery to children and adults with deformities. Colorado-based Dewey-Obenchain Films produced the documentary after traveling with an Interplast medical team to An Giang and Dong Thap, Vietnam last year. Dr. Nichter was the leader of this team and the film company documented his trip fascinated by his caring, nurturing and loving ways in which he helped the Vietnamese people to improve/repair their injuries and deformities. Not only did they document his trip but they followed him back to Orange County to get an idea of what a regular day was like with his patients at The Center.

Those who travel to these developing nations do so out of their own pocket. All supplies, equipment and time are donated by those who simply want to help other human beings, with no material gain. Travel to these countries can be exhausting but Dr. Nichter says, “The smile that I see on a child that I have just helped, the look in his eyes when he sees himself in the mirror that’s all the reward I need”.

The film festival included 130 films from around the world. Our hats are off to you Dr. Nichter for your selfless efforts.

Interplast is a non-profit organization which relies solely on charitable donations and volunteers. If you would like to contribute to this foundation, further information and copies of this video are available by calling our office.