Healthy Super Bowl Alternatives

As winter approaches, so does an old American tradition: football. Hosting guests and food parties are eventual, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your healthy summer streak. When entertaining the football crowds, consider “making it mini”. Most grocery stores carry mini serving hot dogs, pizzas or single serving chips, a little bit of size compensation for the goodies goes a long way. Substitutions are the name of the game as well. Greek yogurt for sour cream, carrots and edamame for chips are personal favorites that are sure to still please. Keep in mind that spicy foods make for delicious options but can be lower in calories. Hot sauce in salad dressings or dips can add a zesty flavor without the pounds. Alcohol can contain a lot of calories, so if you are going to drink, think about switching to a light beer. Small changes like these will allow you to feel comfortable enjoying Sunday football with the gang, but still helping you reach your health goals.

How to eat light and enjoy your food too