Get to Know Our Exclusive LiteLift® Procedure

April 9, 2018
Get to Know Our Exclusive LiteLift® Procedure

The facelift has remained a popular cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the face, reducing common signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. But if you’re looking for similar results with less downtime, fewer incisions, and reduced risks, you might consider the LiteLift®, offered exclusively at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery.

What is LiteLift®?

LiteLift® offers an alternative to the traditional facelift techniques for some added benefits. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, patients can select from twilight sedation or local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia, typically used during a facelift. With the LiteLift®, incisions are placed within and behind the ear to conceal visible scarring. Incisions are also placed within the hairline so that natural hair can grow, hiding any scarring. When it comes to repositioning underlying tissues, the LiteLift® technique used an upward approach instead of the swept back approach for a more natural look.

Who is a candidate for LiteLift®?

Candidates for LiteLift® are those who experience signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging in the lower face. The LiteLift® technique is appealing to those who want minimal scarring and a quicker healing process. Candidates who experience sagging in the mid-face, as well as other areas such as the brows, jaw, or neck, can add another procedure to their LiteLift® like a mid-lift, browlift, neck lift, or liposuction.

Join the next LiteLift® Educational Event

If you want to learn more about the exclusive LiteLift® procedure, make sure you attend the next LiteLift® Educational Event at Pacific Center Plastic Surgery! You will have the chance to hear directly from Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter about how they perfected the LiteLift® technique and how you can benefit. You will be able to ask them, as well as previous patients, about the procedure. You’ll also receive a special offer, only available to event-goers.

To learn more about the LiteLift® procedure or the next LiteLift® Educational Event, contact Pacific Center Plastic Surgery today!