Case 17560

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  • Female


Before & after results of a LiteLift®, Blue Peel®, and Fat Transfer.
Age: 66
Gender: Female
Additional Information: This patient had a prior facelift by another doctor when she was 40 years old. After 25 years she felt it was time for a refresher. She liked the idea of Dr. Nichter's LiteLift because it is lighter on incisions, anesthesia, and recovery. Along with the LiteLift, Dr. Nichter performed Fat Transfer to replenish lost volume in her lower eyes and cheeks. To correct severe lines that could not be addressed with the LiteLift alone, he applied the Controlled Depth Blue Peel. Notice how much smoother her skin looks after surgery. This is the benefit of combining complementary facial rejuvenation procedures for the best overall result.

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