Dr. Nichter’s Patient & Ideal Implant on The Doctors

May 13, 2016
Dr. Nichter's Patient & Ideal Implant on The Doctors

The Ideal Implant, a saline-implant option newly available in the United States, is sweeping the nation and impressing cosmetic surgeons and breast augmentation experts from coast-to-coast. The Doctors, a popular television programs that features leading medical professionals talking about groundbreaking treatments and revolutionary procedures or devices, recently had a featurette all about the Ideal Implant. During the discussion, Meredith, a patient of Dr. Nichter of Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, spoke to the hosts about how happy she was with her own Ideal Implants. Take a look at the video posted below to see her before-after images, and why the Ideal Implant is so highly-regarded among cosmetic surgeons.

This video features a clip fromThe Doctors, who discussed the greatness of the Ideal Implant:

Researchers and designers spent years to perfect the Ideal Implant and find a way to make a saline-based breast implant look and feel like a silicone-based implant. In other words, they sought to find the safety of saline and the aesthetic of silicone in one, hybrid implant. Designed innovatively with a series of implant shells and two completely separate chambers to hold the inner saline filler, the Ideal Implant accomplished their goals. The clever structuring of the implants greatly reduces the chance of unusual folds or wrinkling throughout the implant, which is generally considered to be a leading cause of implant damage, rupture, or deflation. Lastly, the outer edges have been lowered to allow for a better, more-natural contouring with the patient’s chest.

The below infographic gives a detailed look at how the Ideal Implant comes together:


Ideal Implant’s Inner Materials

The Ideal Implant is made of saline-based solutions and end products. There is no amount of silicone gel within the Ideal Implant, nor are there any new materials introduced into the formula. The manufacturing processes have been proven to create safe, reliable breast implants. Even better, the structuring has been organized precisely to perfectly mimic the feel of a natural, non-augmented breast. The Ideal Implant is also a patented design, meaning if you want the safety and presentation created by the Ideal Implant, no substitutions will do.

A Little History About the Ideal Implant

In 2009, a clinical trial began in the United States that included more than 500 women. Multiple centers partook in the clinical trial to test the safety and effectiveness of the Ideal Implant. After the trial were concluded, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada both approved it in 2014. Today, the Ideal Implant is manufactured in an American-based facility that is routinely inspected by the FDA for safety standards; the facility has actually been producing some of the best silicone medical devices in the world for 30+ years now. This means that quality is inherent in the Ideal Implant. Just in case, Ideal Implants also come with a limited warranty, allowing patients to feel confidence and satisfied with their decision to choose it above all other breast augmentation devices.

Both Doctor Nichter and Doctor Horowitz of Pacific Center Plastic Surgery were part of the United States clinical trials of the Ideal Implant; Dr. Nichter was so impressed with what he found, he became a spokesperson for the company. When the Ideal Implant became available, our Newport Beach plastic surgery center was one of the first in the country to offer it to our patients, as only specially selected board-certified, or board-eligible, cosmetic surgeons and practitioners can recommend it. As time goes on, it is expected that additional plastic surgeons around the United States will be included in this prestigious network; Canadian surgeons and others throughout the world should also be added.

For more information about Ideal Implant, visit their website: http://www.idealimplant.com or contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.