Dr. Nichter & Dr. Horowitz Named 2017 RealSelf 500 Winners

May 14, 2018
Dr. Nichter & Dr. Horowitz Named 2017 RealSelf 500 Winners

We are proud to announce that Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz have been named in the 2017 RealSelf 500 list! The medical professionals who made this list are recognized for sharing their expertise and demonstrating a commitment to patient education and enabling consumers to make smart decisions.

RealSelf is the largest online marketplace for individuals to learn and share their experience with elective cosmetic procedures and to connect with providers. RealSelf offers millions of photos and expert medical answers to help patients choose which treatments and providers are right for them.

About the Doctors

Both Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz are board certified plastic surgeons in Newport Beach with extensive experience performing cosmetic procedures of the face, body, and breasts.

Dr. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz is also known as a leader in facial rejuvenation having developed the innovative LiteLift® modified facelift procedure. His LiteLift® informational event, held bi-yearly at various Southern California locations, has become a popular event for learning about modern facial rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Horowitz has also been at the forefront of developments made in breast surgery. He developed a technique which uses limited incision methods for breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reductions.

Dr. Nichter

Dr. Nichter is highly skilled in the latest advances in face and neck rejuvenation, specializing in the LiteLift® modified facelift procedure. Other areas of expertise include breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer, minimal scar breasts lift, and breast reductions. Dr. Nichter also specializes in body procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation.

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